LAZINESS: The Nigerian Youth’s Biggest Competition [OPEN]

Lazy youth. (Photo Credit: The Nation)
Lazy youth. (Photo Credit: The Nation)

The saying that youths are the leaders of tomorrow has gradually become a cliché especially in our clime where a lot of youths pay no mind to whatever message the saying is trying to portray.

Nothing takes away the fact that young people are the future of any country and just as many thought leaders have always said, an investment in a youth is one in the right direction for the sake of the future.

Sadly, youths in Nigeria appear not to be ready for the challenges before them with their dispositions on issues especially those of national importance.

The reason for the high rate of unemployment is because a lot of youths are not yet ready to get up and take the bulls by the horns, they expect manna to always fall from heaven after all ‘who no like better thing’.


Take for instance the political system in the country, even the blind knows that the political space is dense with much older men, but unfortunately, so many youths are not bothered.

It is easier for them to shy away from discussions on politics and some other gainful ventures, you will rather see them engrossed in so many frivolities and this gets one wondering if these are the crops of people that will take over the mantle of leadership of the country.

With the current disposition of many young people in Nigeria, it is safe to conclude that the country will be left in shambles if power is handed over to them.

A lot of young people are not prepared for leadership and this suggests that they will definitely goof if they eventually get the opportunity.

A viral question making waves across the social media has gotten lots of reactions that will get any sane person disappointed.

The question goes thus: “If you were to be given the sum of $1Million and asked to never return to Nigeria for the rest of your life, will you take it?”

Without possibly giving a second thought to the question, a lot of young people who seek the easy way out of life admitted that they would take the money.

The question remains that if we all opt to leave the country, who will be left to mould Nigeria into our dream country?

If you take a stroll on different social media, you will definitely come out panting because most of the supposedly leaders of tomorrow are more distracted with several meaningless arguments, trolling one another and hurling abuses on anyone that gets in their ways.

This is one of the reasons why a lot of people are of the view that technological advancement has done more harm than good to this generation and they may not be wrong after all.

Our youths sit all day wallowing in how difficult things have been and how the government has failed in their duty to provide them with sustainable sources of income.

The entitlement mentality has kept so many people stuck in a maze because they are always optimistic that someone somewhere will provide solutions to their problems.

Most of these youngsters prefer to just build castles in the air instead of facing life’s challenges. Thinking outside the box is alien to them and they are usually left disappointed when life does not happen the way they have always hoped it would.

The bitter truth is this – if you are not happy with a situation, rather than incessant complaints, the least you can do is to think deeply and decipher what best to do to help yourself out of it.

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