Lecturer Asking University Students To Kneel Down And Raise Up Hands, Joke Gone Too Far? [READ]

corporal punishment
Lecturer Asking University Students To Kneel Down And Raise Up Hands, Joke Gone Too Far?. Photo Credit: Nairaland

Schools are social institutions and sometimes religious which have been formed and accepted by various communities due to life- time lessons they impart in the lives of children and adults alike.

These lessons have become necessary and sometimes mandatory especially the formal education which is an open door to all of life’s verisimilitudes. However, in the course of imparting these lessons, many teachers adopt several corrective measures to instill discipline in their students.

Some of these methods have been effective, while others, like corporal punishment which include the use of canes and asking the offending person to assume strange body positions, have been frequently abused.

Corporal punishment is a very common phenomenon in Nigerian primary and secondary schools save for some selected few, and is the preferred method of punishment of most teachers. What is however not common is to see this kind of punishment being employed in a tertiary institution.


But a lecturer of the University of Lagos, UNILAG, may be bucking the trend.

According to a Nairaland user narrated what happened:

“This happened in the University of Lagos(UNILAG), faculty of arts precisely during a Geography class. The name of the lecturer is Mr Ogunkunle.

It’s not as if this is the norms in Unilag, i say a big No. But this particular lecturer has been terrorizing us.

“We have other lecturers who behaves well but this particular man is just something else i mean why will you tell adults like this to kneel and raise up hands just because they were not able to spell a particular word.

“This lecturer rarely comes to class when he comes he spends most time sending students out and threatening them. He is just a disgrace to this wonderful university. We have very brilliant, decent lecturers who respects us for who we are e.g their response to the dress code saga.

“We are please begging the university to help caution lecturers like this so that our great UNILAG won’t be a laughing stock among other universities.”

He further shared some photos to back up his claims.

Another user who claimed to be a student of UNILAG however dismissed the story, suggesting that it was done in jest:

This story is absurd and is a disgrace to the Geography department and Unilag as a whole.

I’m a student of the dept and I have been taught by this lecturer and I can boldly say the punishment was obviously a JOKE.

I don’t understand why a student would want to destroy the reputation of not just his department and the lecturer, but also the reputation of the students in the pix.

Mr Ogunkunle might not be the best in terms of Lecturer- Student relationship,but I know it hasn’t gotten as far as him punishing students on a serious note.

Whatever may be the truth of the story, corporal punishment is an offshoot of the religious, multi-ethnic, and deeply traditional culture of Nigeria and according to experts is a violation of fundamental human rights that should not be allowed in learning institutions and certainly not in a university meant to encourage, study, research and the advancement and development of knowledge.

Corporal punishment simply has no place in a university, joke or no joke.

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