Like Ghana, Should Nigeria Undergo Spiritual Cleansing? (SEE)

Like Ghana, Should Nigeria Undergo Spiritual Cleansing? Photo Credit: Ghana Student Exchange
Like Ghana, Should Nigeria Undergo Spiritual Cleansing? Photo Credit: Ghana Student Exchange

With the state of things in the country at the moment, it is obvious that Nigeria has a long way to go and both Nigerians and the present administration seem clueless about it.

Aside the lingering issues of recession, Boko Haram , herdsmen attacks, lack of employment as well as increased food prices, bad road has also been one of the biggest problems affecting Nigeria for decades.

Did you know that this year’s budget is the largest in the country’s history? Yet, 2017 might just be as miserable as the rest if something is not done urgently to salvage the situation.

Ahead of Ghana’s 60th Independence Day celebration, it has been made public that the country will be re-dedicated to God through prayers, “Spiritual Cleansing” to the “Sacred Heart of Jesus” on March 4th, 2017 as all Ghanaians pray for things to get better in the country.


This has of course, raised a lot of controversies as many people believe that religion on its own is one the major issues in the world. Thus, it should not be mixed with politics in the first place.

Here, Nigeria does not necessarily need to do exactly what Ghana is doing but their readiness to keep looking for a lasting solution to their problems is worth imitating.

Nigeria is one of the worst countries in the world in terms of economy, security and employment among others. Yet, the government seems relaxed about the inhuman situation in the country.

It is obvious that Nigeria’s situation keeps getting worse since the resumption of President Muhammadu Buhari into office, thus, Nigerians have the right to kick against his administration.

In 56 years, Nigerians cannot boast of quality education, affordable health care facilities, good roads, good water and many others.

Nigeria’s economy has been under recession with Boko Haram attacks and Herdsmen attacks multiplying daily.

Did you know that Nigeria has one of the most devalued currencies in the world at the moment?

Yes, development does not happen overnight and that is why most Nigerians are still holding unto Buhari’s campaign promises, hopping that one day and may be soon things will be better in the country.

In all, we as a country cannot fold our hands and expect things to get better without putting an extra effort, making sacrifices and taking a decision to be selfless for the good of Nigeria.

Top Nigerian leaders are not only corrupt but have remained selfish in carrying out their obligations to those who stood under the sun and rainy weather just to ensure that they were voted into power. Yet, they loot the country’s funds to their own selfish benefits without minding how the poor masses are fairing.

Just like Ghana, it is high time Nigeria started looking for a lasting solution to her problems.


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