Meet Super Dad Who Makes 1 Baby A Week, Has 800 Children And Is Targeting 1,000 Within 4 Years!

Watson posing beside a storage container of his ‘magic pots’.

For 41-year-old Simon Watson, making babies is a serious business he has no intention of retiring from any time soon.

Watson has been into sperm donation business for 16 years, and has fathered 800 children and has said he won’t stop until they are 1000.

The unlicensed sperm donor who sells his bottles of ‘magic potion’ for £50 a pop on Facebook, has been in the profession for 16 good years making one donation a week.

Watson who has three children of his own said: “My friends and family know everything about what I do, I’ve got no secrets. My kid’s mates at school think it’s funny. My boys wouldn’t do it themselves, but they’ve said they don’t mind me doing it.”


According to UK Mirror, Simon, who has two sons aged 19 and 17 from his first marriage and a 10-year-old daughter from his second marriage, recently broke up with his girlfriend of three years due to pressures of the job.


He said: “She was fed up with what I do.

“I see at least one person a week – most people get pregnant first time with my ammo, but it’s not unusual to take two or three goes.

“When people find out what I do most people just find it really funny, I’ve never really come across any negative reactions.

“I’ve got no plans on stopping, as long as everything still works.

“I’ve got children all over the world now, and the parents are always so grateful.”

During a BBC interview, he said: “Usually one [baby] a week pops out. I reckon I’ve got about 800 so far, so within four years I’d like to crack 1,000. I’ve got kids all the way from Spain to Taiwan, so many countries. I’d like to get the world record ever, make sure no-one’s going to break it, get as many as possible.”

When they contact him on Facebook, most of the clients ask him if he has any hereditary diseases. After which they meet with him and either book a room in the hotel or use the public toilets. Watson’s son manages his Facebook account for him.

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