MEN! 5 Ways To Have An Incredible First Time Sex (PHOTOS)

African couple kissing in bed. (Photo Credit: Shutterstock)
African couple about to have sex. (Photo Credit: Shutterstock)

Having a woman lay next to you for sexual reasons is always a big deal for those trying it for the first time. If you have thought about having sex for the first time over and over again without having the ‘liver’ to actualize it, you are not alone.

We are not going to just boost your morale here but also give you tips to make your first time a mind blowing experience.

Check out these tips:

1. Research:


This is very important as it will expose you to alot of ideas about women and sexuality generally.
Read up important books that can bring you to the full knowledge of how human body reacts to certain sexual moves or touches. Avoid pornographic materials as they will only stimulate you at the moment but you may not be able to actualize such experiences.

Naked Couple (Photo Credit: Google Images)
Naked Couple (Photo Credit: Google Images)

2. Don’t rush into it:

It’s understandable if you are nervous for a whole lots of reasons and can not wait to get it done with but hey, take it slow.
Possibly discuss it with your partner and let her know it’s your first time and hear what she has to say. She might be helpful.

3. Date, time and location:

Now, so you know, alot people have described their first time as ‘terrible’ because they could not pull a proper day, time or location.
So, take your time to choose a convenient day, time and a condusive enviroment . Remember not to take this decision alone, make sure your woman is in the know.
It’s your first time, make it count!

Couple in bed. Photo Credit:  Dating To Know
Couple in bed. Photo Credit: Dating To Know

4. Be protected:

Make sure you two go see a gynaecologist , run some test to look out for possible STDs, ask all the questions in your heads. Find out if there is something you should do before or after sex, if your woman is also a first timer, she should know all about the pains and bleeding that comes with it. Just bare it all.
Learn the proper use of condoms as well.

5. Balance your expectations and be ready for some awkwardness:

Of course your first time may look or sound awkward for not just reason other than what it is, just be open minded about that.
Again, don’t raise your expectations so you don’t end up being disappointed. Things will definitely get better with time but may be not that day.





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