MEN!!! 7 Amazing Tips To Win Her On Your First Date (PHOTOS)

Couple On First Date. Photo Credit: Single Blacks
Couple On First Date. Photo Credit: Single Blacks

Making the first impression should be a big deal to any man who truly loves a woman and wants  his first date to be worth it.

Your first date can make her wanting more or scare her off completely.

  1. Plan;

Take your time and plan for the big day. Come up with something creative and unique.

Opt for casual outing instead of formal, it’s not a business meeting.


PLEASE avoid going to the movies on your first date. She needs fun and want to have a chat with you so you don’t want to ruin the moment for her. Also keep your conversation very casual and fun, avoid serious talks to ensure she has the best of the day.

  1. Listen;

Pay attention to whatever she has to say even when you think she is talking trash. Be support and buy her views for the moment.

Don’t freak her out, it’s your first date so keep it  calm and respectful.

Listen to her. Photo Credit: Single Blacks
Listen to her. Photo Credit: Single Blacks
  1. Pick her up;

At least offer to pick her up and hear her say something. If she prefers meeting you up then it’s also cool, but if you are coming around to pick her up then keep to time and don’t freak out if she shows up much later.

  1. Conversation;

Make her the major focus of your discussions. Be romantic enough to cheap in her name here and there while talking and having your eyes straight into hers.

This is psychological, she feels absolutely special at this point.

  1. No ex girlfriends ;

This is a first date killer. She just may want to know you probably had one or two but you are over them and that’s it. Don’t dwell on that for so long, it’s boring.

  1. Ask her questions;

Know her strengths and weaknesses, things that write her off, her hobbies, where she works, future ambitions and more.

Be careful here not to sound too formal, just play around with your questions and have fun.

Make it fun. Photo Credit: Urban Cusp
Make it fun. Photo Credit: Urban Cusp

  1. First kiss;

Don’t build your strength around having your first kiss on your first date. Most women don’t like that.

Except if you two get cut up in the moment and things happen, aside that, don’t insist on stealing or getting a kiss from her. She just might think all you want is a fling.


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