Multiple Sex Partners, Growing Rate Of Cervical Cancer And What Young Women Must Know [OPEN]

Cervical cancer. (Photo Credit: EmpowHer)
Cervical cancer. (Photo Credit: EmpowHer)

Most women are aware that cervical cancer exists, but not so many of them are actually aware of the mindless things they do that increase the risk of developing it.

Cervical cancer is a cancer of the uterus (womb) that grows around the narrowing part of the lower uterus often referred to as the neck of the womb.

It is quite understandable that sex is a sweet activity that makes people lose their senses sometimes.

Some persons with high and insatiable libido often resort to keeping multiple sexual partners when one cannot offer them the maximum satisfaction they crave for.


However, with the rate of diseases in recent times, people especially women should throw caution to the wind as regards the number of sexual partners they keep since they are always the ones that are more prone to most of the diseases in circulation.

Among the factors that increase the risk of contracting cervical cancer is a woman keeping multiple sexual partners.

Asides cervical cancer, women who engaged in sexual intercourse with different men were also at risk of contacting Human Papillioma Virus, especially type 16 and 18 associated with cervical cancer.

Habits such as smoking actually weakens the immune system and makes women under such conditions more prone to contracting the dreaded sickness.

Also, long-term mental stress, giving birth at early age, several pregnancies and contraceptive pill also increase the chances of a woman getting cervical cancer.

According to Dr Uchenna Iroka, a medical practitioner at the Department of Accident and Emergency Unit, Minna General Hospital, Niger State, women within the age of 50 years and above were at risk of developing cervical cancer.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that women below the stipulated age are actually free from the risk of contracting the disease, but the chances are just slimmer.

Sometimes, women may notice certain symptoms of cervical cancer but most often pay no mind to them out of sheer ignorance and that is the reason most of these victims usually don’t survive the ailment.

Vaginal bleeding during sexual intercourse, foul smelling discharge, pains during sex and post menopausal bleeding are a few of the many symptoms of cervical cancer.

Early detection of the dreaded disease saves a whole lot of damage and that is why women especially the sexually active ones are advised to go for regular cancer screening and pap-smear test from time to time.

“If the pap-smear test is negative, the person should be vaccinated and if the test is positive, it is an indication that the person is likely to develop cancer in 20 to 30 years time.

“At that point, the person can commence treatment to prevent it from developing. Most cervical cancer is squamous in 90 per cent and adenocarcinoma in about 5 per cent.

“Treating cancer depends on the stage it is discovered. Most people in developing countries unlike in the developed countries are ignorant, that is why the disease is discovered late,” the doctor said.

Early detection will make treating the disease easier and also reduce the death rate among victims.

Modalities such as surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy or a combination of all three when done at an early stage will yield better results.

Hopefully, this awareness will bring a drastic reduction to the rate of prostitution across the country.

Proper sensitization of ignorant citizens will also deal a heavy blow to the spate of diseases being experienced in the country.


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