Why Everyone Knows The Solution To Nigeria’s Problems Except The President [CLICK]

Honourable Ministers of the Federal Republic caught sleeping while President Muhammadu Buhari presented the 2017 budget to the National Assembly on Wednesday.

Wait, why does it seem like everyone knows how to solve Nigeria’s problems apart from the President?

I mean, how hard can president’s job be? Get a crack team to do a job and supervise them so that they can deliver exactly what you want. How hard could that be? People do it everyday, heck, the site foreman just gets the guys who he knows can build the house, tells them what type of house to build and a time-frame and voila, in months you have a shiny new house. So if a foreman who most probably does not know how to make one block stand on top of the other but still gets guys together in one week and they build the house he wants successfully in three months can do it, how come the President can’t do the same thing when he took a record-breaking six-months to cobble a ‘crack’ team together?

You may wonder where I’m going with this, stay with me.

Last week, our most amiable Minister of Sports, Solomon Dalung shocked Nigerians when he said that the Federal Government never envisaged that the Super Falcons can win the African Women Championships and that’s why their bonuses and allowances haven’t been paid. Hear him:


“Don’t forget that nobody even knew the team will emerge victorious. If we were confident they will emerge victorious, all the federation would have done is to plan for process of participation and entitlement.”

That’s right. That is actually the sport minister of the most populous black nation in the world saying he never expected the country’s female football team – the same one that has won the AWCON title for a record seven times and the best female team in the entire continent – to lift the championship trophy. I mean, who does that?

In a saner clime, Dalung would by now be without a job. But obviously Nigeria does not do things that way. You get to insult the sensibilities of the over 180 million ordinary citizens of Nigeria who the Super Falcons are representing and you go scot-free because you have not insulted the sensibilities of the President who gave you your job.

Well, maybe Dalung should not be blamed too much. After all, he and other ministers were caught fast asleep as President Buhari was taking pains to sell the 2017 budget to the National Assembly. So if every member of the cabinet can sleep while their principal is presenting next year’s budget and go unpunished, why should Dalung be held responsible for something as simple as an ordinary statement “taken out of context”?

Maybe the real people we ought to blame are Nigerians who are so laid back that they do not demand a higher sense of responsibility from their leaders. The same Nigerians who can’t seem to see their leaders beyond what ethnicity they belong or what religion they profess. Why should President Buhari bother about responsible governance or something as trivial as recession when millions of Nigerians have already provided their own alternatives by pledging allegiance to MMM and Mavrodi?

Who cares about getting a team that can get the governance job done? Who cares if Buhari continues to keep inept ministers who obviously do not know their jobs? Who cares if he does not have the right team in place, ehn who cares? Who good governance don epp?

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