Nigerian Politics And The Joke Called Opposition [READ]


Ideally, politics should be one of the most transparent human endeavours since it represents the interest of the general public.

One of the reasons for forming political parties is to ensure that clarity and transparency are achieved.

The political system in Nigeria and other countries across the globe is such that there would be a ruling party as well as opposition who are expected to play the watchdog role for better governance.

Opposition parties are laden with the task of checking on the excesses of the ruling party and keeping them on their toes to ply the right path.


This system works fine with most countries where democracy is upheld, but the story is different in Nigeria.

Disappointingly, the opposition parties in the country appear to be bereft of ideas on the roles they are supposed to play, they stoop so low to exchange banters at will.

The People’s Democratic Party, PDP, is the major opposition party of the All Progressive Congress, APC administration led by President Muhammadu Buhari and are supposed to be on the forefront of constructively criticising the government but the reverse has been the case.

A handful of politicians in Nigeria appear so petty and resort to name calling and throwing tantrums when they should be busier with constructive criticisms.

More unfortunate is the fact that most of the members of the opposition parties are even scared of speaking up for fear of being arrested by the incumbent government as was the case with an erstwhile Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, who used to be a major voice of the opposition party until he was apprehended by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

It is not like they don’t know what to say per se, but speaking out as an opposition puts one to the spotlight and make them prone to some restrictions instituted by incumbent government, and those whose hands are dented with one corrupt practice or the other will definitely crawl back into their shells when they imagine the implications of putting themselves out.

One of the major voices of the opposition, Senator Ben Murray Bruce popularly known for his ‘Common Sense’ statements had his assets of Silverbird Group taken over by the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) over his alleged failure to pay up a loan to the tune of N11 billion.

In a similar fashion, Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State and Governor Nyesome Wike of Rivers State who are both members of the opposition PDP were reportedly slammed with travel ban sometime ago because their actions were considered a “threat to the nation’s security”.

Fani-Kayode’s wife even became a subject of some restrictions as her accounts were frozen last year on the order of the EFCC.

These are people who were trying to speak up at all costs, even though their criticisms were sometimes laced with emotions and sentiments which made them prone to attacks from the government.

Nigerian government should get serious and allow flexibility for the opposition parties because it will make the journey a smoother sail.


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