Nigerians Share Their Views About Nigeria As She Celebrates 56th Independence Anniversary [VOX POP]


nigeria-independenceHey guys, it is not news that today is Nigeria’s 56th Independence Anniversary and thought it wise to engage some of our ardent readers on what they really think about the country so far.

Well, as expected, they all came up with different views and opinions about the country.

While some have a positive view and believe that things will get better soon, others are of the view that Nigeria has lost it.

Check out what they had to say below:


It is important that,  as we celebrate Nigeria at 56, we pause and re-appraise our ways of doing things. The things we have done right and the not so right; that brought us to our present social, economic and political state.   We must resolve to do things differently, as individual citizens, if we are agreed that we need better results.   Accountability and responsibility must be personal.     Again, we cannot merely dream, wish and pray for manna to fall; we must plan better and work persistently for the results we wish to have. No foreigner will labour to help us if we do not take our affairs seriously. No amount of begging can convince a foreign investor, but if we do things properly ourselves, we will have set the standard and can even reject foreigners from coming in. As it is, where we are is a serious call to look inwards and do much more work on ourselves.

– Barr. Ebuka Nweze

Oh really? Is today our Independence day? I don’t think there is anything to celebrate in this country especially at this time when things are so hard.

We thought our president was the Messiah we have been waiting for but things have gone from bad to worse.

This country is so frustrating and just when we thought we’ve had enough, Buhari told us that ‘Change begins with us’. Anyways, Happy Independence to you guys. I’m not in the mood to celebrate that. 

– Abayomi Olusegun

Even thought things seem not too rosy, I still believe in my country Nigeria. We have only one country and we have to be optimistic that things will get better someday.

Just like President Muhammadu Buhari rightly said, Change is supposed to begin with all of us. We should not just sit and do nothing hoping that things will get better without our joint efforts.

I love my country Nigeria and I respect her so much. I wish Nigeria a happy 56th Independence Anniversary and more years of togetherness. Peace!!

– Chiamaka Okeke

I think until young Nigerians realise they are the real vanguards of change, Nigeria will continue to be the way it is. Nigeria will realise its potentials when young Nigerians stop allowing the politics of ethnicity, religion and money to determine who they elect as leaders. Young Nigerians must stand united irrespective of tongue or creed and declare that it is ENOUGH! 56 years of corruption is enough, 56 years of tribalism is enough, 56 years of the same set of rulers is enough, 56 years of allowing our shared legacies to be in the hand of a selected few. It is ENOUGH!

– Olumide Aduloju

What is there to be happy about on independence day? Abeg make una leave me out of it. There is really nothing to proudly celebrate about Nigeria. Is it the squandered dreams; or the dislocation of politics along ethnic lines that has given birth to the medieval babaric mentality that is Boko haram; or the epileptic power supply; or the distribution of our national wealth amongst 1 per cent of the population instead of using it to build and maintain world class infrastructure and capacity that benefits the many; or is it the failure of successive governments to create an enabling environment for economic growth and thereby generate opportunities for legitimate enterprise to thrive that benefits the many; or is it the total dislocation of our educational system that makes us unable to compete favourably in our fast growing technological world, thus reducing us to mere pathetic world class consumers. We should stop deceiving ourselves because there is nothing to be proud of as to proudly celebrate on any independence day. We should only start celebrating the day Nigerian leaders go back on the drawing board to to first identify and respect the importance of the existence of all of Nigeria’s citizens rather than only the few, and thereafter, chat an economic course which puts their welfare and wellbeing at core of their goal going forward. Then, and only then, can any Nigerian thump his or her chest proudly for our country.

– Charles Azotam

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