NNAMDI AZIKIWE AIRPORT REPAIRS: Are Airline Operators Expecting Rather Too Much? [CLICK]


nnamdi-azikiwe-international-airportSafety of lives should be a priority, but unfortunately, the desire for selfish gains has beclouded the mentality of many people in Nigeria.

The federal government is facing had earlier announced its decision to shut down the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, on  March 8, 2017 for repairs.

But instead of lauding the moves, foreign and local airline operators in Nigeria are rather kicking against it, and insisting that segmented repairs should be focused on the runway.

Now the federal Government is facing a herculean task trying to convince them to move to the Kaduna Airport for the time being until when the repairs are over.


Do they really have to face all these difficulties trying to convince these operators bearing in mind that the implications of neglecting the repairs could be fatal.

To think that the government even made plans to provide shuttles for passengers who will have to travel to Kaduna to Abuja to board a flight from there in their bid to ensure that the process is easier for them, and to enable them go on with the proposed repairs without hitches, yet the operators are not yielding.

It is quite understandable that the change o plans will affect these operators, especially at this time when the economic condition of the country beeps red.

But is it better to lose lives and put people at risk just because others want to make money?

Can’t these operators think beyond their selfish gains and concur to the instruction given by the federal government since it is only a temporary deal?

Isn’t is high time Nigerians started caring about the well being of others rather than wallow in selfishness all the time?

Objectively, the federal government’s move to repair the airport is a welcome development because it is only someone that is alive that will chase after money.

Businesses will be stalled if the owners get involved in tragic air crash and die during the process or get hospitalized if they are lucky enough to survive the ordeal.

So will it not be great if the federal government had their way so that people will travel confidently and not in perpetual fear of the unknown.

People are simply insatiable.

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