#TSCOLUMNIST: Who is Worthy of My Vote? – Segun Awosanya [READ]


I’ve been using the air transport system since my teenage years & till date I’m yet to see anyone who upon entry would knock on the door to the left demanding to vet the credentials of the pilots. Regardless of their gender, creed, clan, clout or craze we simply trust the system.

As dangerous and as risky the take off, navigation and landing may be, we put our trust in the hands of unknown people who the system have picked to take us all to our destination, come turbulence or cabin crew rudeness. Same goes for doctors in times of emergency. We simply play along.

This unmitigated Trust has nothing to do with amiability or probity of the pilots or the company they are working for. It is mere common sense of the resolution within each and everyone of us to cling unto faith and embrace our will to live without wavering.


Certainly there are friends, colleagues and people we know we can trust more than these strangers, who may even be more qualified, morally sound and better fit but at this point in time on board, reality is what it is. Those people are not where these strangers are in the now.

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None of those we love to trust and marvel at their piety are on board the flight or in the emergency room with the disposition to carry out a successful operation or navigate and land the plane through the worst of storms. Now let’s bring back our minds to the political clime.

How I wish our Lord Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed (SAW) is running for President in Nigeria but that is sadly not the case. The men running are fraught with character flaws because they are mortals far from divine. Some have made mistakes before & may likely make more but what is certain here is that Leadership of a nation as fragile as ours MUST be reserved for those who see it as an opportunity to serve the populace not rule over them with vile oppression and vindictiveness. We are done seeking Messiahs but one who values humanity.

The same way you won’t board a plane where the pilot is bribing you to trust him or go under the knife of a doctor who squeeze a dollar into your palm to agree with him while battling for your life. Don’t sell yet another golden opportunity to CHANGE the chaos of now.

If you are not doing it for yourself please do it for our children’s sake. Do it for generations unborn. Do it for those who never asked to be born. Do it for those 3.75M people wallowing in IDP camps helplessly while being robbed by those at the Presidency. Do it for humanity.

If there is ever a time to come out to Vote our conscience and defend our votes, it is Now. Don’t waste this opportunity. We are not voting the next Pope so there is no point seeking out one without blemish. We’re not seeking a University VC so there is no point being distracted.

The one true leader that will create opportunity for each and everyone of us to express ourselves freely under the republic and unite us all is glaring to see. We all must be able to take ownership of our fatherland without being coerced into subjugation under oppression.

Power indeed belongs to the people if only the people will rise. The very best of ways to protest against the aberration of now is to come out in huge numbers and vote our conscience and stand by our votes without intimidation. The world is watching & we are up to the task.

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See you all when we land and here is wishing you the very best through this Surgery. It will require the activation of Tawakkul (absolute trust in God while playing our own role). We can’t lie to ourselves any longer. The current aberration is not working and will never work.

A New Nigeria is possible if we allow it and believe in it. It is time to take Nigeria back and Make it Great through job creation, economic revitalization, improved Security, Health and holistic strengthening of our institutions. We Can, We Will and We MUST.

The only person who is not an Option is the current Aberration pissing on our constitution and fleecing our collective patrimony with his relatives and cronies. Nigeria belongs to all of us & no one is more Nigerian than any other Nigerian. This affliction MUST not be sustained.

I’m not voting to feel good that I supported my friend. It is no longer about feelings or sentiments. It is about the future of my children and the unborn generation. It is about winning an election and building from there a better Nation where Equity, Justice & Fairness reign.

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