President Muhammadu Buhari And The Challenges Of Nigerian Youths – Nasir Saidu Adhama



Unemployment has eaten us much to the extent that our youths who are the hope of every society are left with nothing for themselves and nothing to offer for the development of their nation. Youths were left with sitting idle, scavenging, roaming the sheet, thuggery and stealing and to some extent engage in serious social vices like the insecurity we are facing are all being part of unemployment and devil devices the use of youths to perpetuate his evil desire.

Scavenging and waste collection:

The people that engages in such dirty activities are youths in every part of the country who go round as early as possible to a dumpsites and search to a valuable items and sometimes food to eat. Teenagers are not left out of the menace and sometimes you could see them in flucks or large number with their bag on their back. Most of these youths engaged in the act as a result of poor upbringing, lack of guidance and societal and parental negligence.


The activities of these youths is worrisome because not only waste searching is what they do but also engaged them in drugs addiction. The rehabilitation and total care of these youths lies in the hands of every member of the society not government alone, as much as if they are spoilt it is the society that is spoilt because in one way or the other it is to the societal disadvantage. And if they are spoilt it is the society that will feel the impact the reason is that when drugged they can harm anybody they come across, and if they become good ambassadors it is to the benefit of the society.

These boys could be found with the talents and if properly managed and utilized they will benefit the nation to an unexpected level. These set of people usually move around hitting their carts with intension of calling attention of the people who have refused to be collected and sometimes they engage in snatching people’s valuable or even time burglary whenever they have the chance.

Although, this is an informal lifestyle but scavenging has become a source of living to most of our youths and teenagers all over the nation. Youths who do not have a reliable means of livelihood engaged in this manual job to fetch themselves income for their survival and that of their family.

If you access the life of these youths you could see that most of them are primary school dropout and secondary school dropout. Even though the work they engaged of local waste scavenging comes with a serious health challenges because they have not properly gear themselves towards it, no glove, no boot all to protect them from infection, they were left at the mercy of the waste hey interact with and sometimes you see them with skin diseases, respiratory diseases, eye irritation and headache from constant interaction with sun. but make it known that they are all human beings and Nigerians like us who also supposed to have enjoyed the same privilege like every other Nigerian responsibly.

Another challenge these youths face is that is not related directly to their scavenging activities is the condition of the places they lived in. many of them are homeless or sleep under shops and places of worships with no protection from rain or sun, and at the end become nuisance and touts.

Bunkering, violence and kidnapping are all among the security challenges we are facing and has become rampant in many parts of the country and statistic has shown that most of those in the act are youths, and this trend exist as a result of unemployment.


This has been a source of country’s lost of revenue and moreover lot of lives has been lost which poses a serious threat to the nation’s dwindling revenue.
Violence has not been left out in our country and analysis indicates that ninety percent of these in constant violence are youths especially the post-election violence. Reports show that in any protest and violence youths are at the forefront be it political, religious or otherwise.
It has been to the extent that there are youths that do not have anything to do in their life rather than a waits being recruited to foment trouble or ignites violence as the need arises.


The name was not a household name before, because it happens in a very rare occasion and in more selected places. But nowadays it has become a regular and a familiar name that rings in every part of the country as a source of getting money of source of income to some youths. And ninety percent of those in the act are youths and middle age.

The Nigerians are portrayed to be the front runners in the menace and it has led to the dead of many people in the country especially the foreigners as a result of failed ransomed payment.

Street Hawking:

They are known youths daily activities as means of earning their daily bread. Street hawking is mostly extended to girls child of hawking different kind of stuffs ranging from kola-nut, bread, onion, soup ingredient and many more. This kind of child girls hawking exposes them to girls child abuses where they are being raped and forced to unwarranted prostitution.

Traffic Hawking

This kind of hawking is the one that could be noticed in our traffic all over the country. In every Nigerian traffic whenever there is a jam youths and teenagers will spread all over the traffic holding different types of merchandise for patronage and the most alarming of the trend is that hardly you could see them with the capital base to that business as reliably as Five Thousand Naira of even Three Thousand Naira. Some of them even collect the merchandise and sold it, and when sold they will now be given their share. The kind of items these youths deal with are ordinary pure water, kola-nuts, car wiper, sweet and chewing gum, CD plates, baby toys, dates, can drinks and freshener, hand set accessories etc.


Sitting idle has become so rampant in our country among the youths, middle age and teenagers, and this proves to the to the saying that, an idle brain is a devils workshop. Most of the criminal activities that happen in Nigeria are the handiwork of our idle youths who devils use them as a result of non-engagement or they do not have anything to do to achieve his aim.
One could confirm this by taking a statistics of crime in our national dailies every day. It could be observed that every day you will observe in every paper that those that were caught in one crime committing or the other are youths between the ages of twenty to thirty. These crimes range from kidnapping, robbery, fraud, stealing, cattle rustling, duping, thuggery, idleness and street begging and hawking.


This is another form of unemployment in advance, because it falls within the category of graduate, who have acquired western education or becomes graduate and yet lacks employment or job. The class of this people is a different one from those listed from the above because it is unemployment with class. People of this group of criminal activity or the other which ranges from forgery, fraud, duping and other ICT scam and other advanced dubious activities.
Prostitution, trafficking, child labour and drug abuse are all the plight of youths that becomes rampant in our society.

All these evil acts are being perpetuated by our youths and girls child within the country and are all unconnected with their ability to earn a living or as a source of getting their daily bread. Prostitution and sodomy , all these vices are being committed by the youths which sometimes resulted in loosing their lives. Drug abuse is the household name in youths all over the country and it has been to the extent that even girls were not left out of the trend, and all the evils acts that take place within the country are being perpetuated with the spell of drug. And this activity is popular within the class of youths who does not have anything to do. Research has shown that youths that abuse drugs commits lot of crimes that a sane mind could not accept which includes murder of parents, raping of blood sisters and croanies as well as engagement in cultism activities. All these evil activities are the activities of youths and teenagers at their youthful stage of ages.

So the solutions to these youthful activities could be proffered in our next write up next week.



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