RACISM AT HOME? See The Chinese Restaurant In Lagos where Nigerians Are Neither Admitted Nor Served [OPEN]

Shi Shi Chinese Restaurant located in Ikeja, Lagos, where Nigerians are not allowed except accompanied by a Chinese person. Photo: Punch

The management of Shi Shi, a Chinese Restaurant located in Ikeja, the capital of Lagos state, where Nigerians and other blacks are not allowed to enter or order food has been accused of racism.

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According to a Twitter user @_emmalez, no black customer is allowed inside the premises of the restaurant located on 21B, Emina Crescent, Off Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos, unless accompanied by a Chinese person.

On visiting the restaurant on Tuesday, a reporter on a mission to ascertain the veracity of the claims was turned back by a guard dressed in military fatigues and prevented from entering the restaurant.

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“Who are you looking for?” the guard, a Nigerian, was said to have asked.

After learning that the correspondent wanted to order a Chinese cuisine, the guard said the reporter was not allowed entry.

Reacting. director of the restaurant said that the outlet caters to only gentlemen, rather than to everyone, Punch reports.

According to him, globally, Chinese restaurants are never open to “every Tom, Dick and Harry.”

The restaurant director, a Nigerian by the name Niyi Adegbite, claimed however, that the Shi Shi Chinese Restaurant was open to the public.

When asked if Nigerians were allowed to patronise Shi Shi, Adegbite said, “Not really.” He then went on to make clarifications.

According to him, there are two sections in the restaurant — a regular one and one that is strictly for Chinese.

Adegbite said, “I want to debunk all the allegations. The restaurant is open to everyone. But you know, Chinese restaurant is not for every Tom, Dick and Harry. Nobody can just enter.

“Come, and I will conduct you round the restaurant. I’m a Nigerian and how can I prevent my fellow people from entering in? But, of course, it’s for gentlemen, not for everyone.”

When asked how the restaurant defines a gentleman, Adegbite said, “The restaurant is divided into two sections. There is one open to the public and there is one called Hot Spot.

“The Hot Spot is where you enter and cook on your own. All the ingredients are made available. But it’s only for Chinese nationals.

“Maybe it’s this one that some people tried entering and were disallowed and is now causing the outcry.”

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