REVEALED! 5:48AM Is The Best Time To Have Sex According To Science [SEE]


There has been a widely believed notion that early morning is the best time to have sex for maximum satisfaction.

Scientists have come up with a new discovery that the best time to have sex is 5:48 in the morning.

This is the best time couples are most likely to reach orgasm according to some Italian scientists.

These researchers came to a conclusion that male and female sex drives peak at different times of day, and that there is only a small window when both partners are truly in the mood.


A recent study published in the British Medical Journal found that sunlight boosts testosterone by stimulating the hypothalamus (the part of the brain responsible for hormone production).

This practically implies that sexual drives rise with the rising sun, so get all up and get into action once the sun rises.

Men’s levels of the sex hormone, testosterone, surge during the night, when they are around 25 to 50 per cent higher than normal.

“This is because the pituitary gland, which governs its production, automatically switches on overnight,” scientists say.

A woman, by contrast, has to fight high levels of melatonin (the sleep hormone) in her blood.

Of course, women also have testosterone in their bodies, which boosts sexual desire.

Sex therapist Geraldine Myers said: “Testosterone levels in men and women are highest in the morning.

“The energy levels of both are highest, too. Mentally, they are less occupied with life’s demands, so it’s the perfect time (for sex).”

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