Rings, Fingers And Their Meaning…


Hello people, I have some information for you today and it has to do with the rings we put on our fingers.

The rings we wear on our 5 fingers have different meanings, either its an engagement, a wedding or a fashion ring but I’m sure majority of us just know the popular ones and not what all 5 fingers mean.

So let’s start with the thumb, shall we?


A thumb ring on the left hand doesn’t make a statement about your relationship status, profession, or any other important part of your life. However, it is a great location for a fashion statement. Choose a chunky ring that doesn’t impede your movement, and people viewing your jewelry will see you as fashionable and confident.

Index finger.

The left index finger doesn’t have any set symbolism, although it’s a good place for showing off an important ring. A ring on the index finger is sure to get noticed, so you may want to choose this finger for your class ring, which symbolizes power, leadership, and authority.

Middle finger.

A ring worn on the left middle finger doesn’t necessarily stand for anything. However, since the middle finger is central to the hand and is the longest finger, a ring on this digit can symbolize power and responsibility. This finger is also a good choice if you want to show off a ring without making a statement about your life.

Ring finger.

The ring finger is no stranger to us. Like we all know that it is associated with romantic relationships and women especially, are always ready to show off that finger once it is confirmed their relationship is heading somewhere promising or to the altar…

The little finger or pinky (as you wish).

Two rings on the left pinky finger once indicated that a man was married. The bottom ring was the wedding ring, followed by the signet ring on top.

Also, pinky rings, on either hand, are sometimes associated with the culture of organized crime.

Having said all these, e no con mean say if you see someone who wears a ring on his little finger, you begin to suspect the person as a terrorist or something. Because, you are on your own ooo…

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