SAY WHAT?? This Mum’s Breastfeeding Photo Earned Her A Deactivation On Facebook [LOOK]



Facebook has come under fire following the deactivation of a woman’s account because she posted a photo of herself breastfeeding her child and the child of a stranger at the same time.

The mother of six, Rebecca Wanosik from America said she received a text from one of her friends asking her if she could feed a stranger’s baby because the stranger was having surgery and the baby didnt want to feed from a bottle.

Out of sheer benevolence, Rebecca agreed and shared a photo of herself feeding the baby alongside her own and Facebook didn’t find it any funny so they deactivated her account.


The woman’s husband, Anthony Wanosik who was apparently irritated took to Facebook to vent his anger.

He wrote: “So my wife’s account got disabled because of the unselfish act she did my posting about breastfeeding someone else’s baby in need. Come on Facebook it was for a good cause.”


The post has garnered lots of likes, thousands of comments and shared by several users.

One user wrote: “This is crazy! All you see is a bit of cleavage! No frontal! This isn’t even sexual, my gosh grow up FB trolls! There are lingerie ads that are more revealing than this! She’s feeding babies!”

Another added: “Your wife is an amazing woman for this…Don’t let anyone Ever tell her any different. I love the way both babies are holding hands so cute…”

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