See 5 Different Honda Car Models And Their Ridiculous Nigerian Nicknames


Like I will always say, Nigerians have an unbelievable sense of humour and there is absolutely nothing, we cannot poke fun at or catch fun with.

Everyday, we see different types of cars litter Nigerian roads and somehow, some people just sat down and started giving funny and in some cases, ridiculous names to these cars.

…But the most affected brand of car that almost every of its model has a funny Nigerian name is the Honda car.

We will take a look at 5 different models of Honda with funny Nigerian names.


The first one is the Honda Accord 1995 nicknamed as Honda Bulldog

This ride gained its nickname because of the way its back is shaped and the way it sits on the ground – like a bulldog.

Here’s the frontview…

And the bulldog like backview…

Next is Honda Accord 2003 nicknamed as End of Discussion (EOD)…

This is the what yorubas call ko soro or the hausas call chikena!!!

It was the tagline of its Ad that made this car popular as well as its Iv-Tec engine. The Ad simply said – ‘The New Honda Accord. End of Discussion.’

Backview of EOD…

The third Honda model that has suffered in the hands of Nigerians is Honda Accord 2009 nicknamed by Nigerians as Anaconda/Evil spirit (the latter is a more popular nickname than the former though).

When this Honda first came out, people were alarmed because it had one heck of a scary look when you first come across it, and it was BIG compared to its past models. It got its nickname from the look of its headlamps which look as menacing as the notorious Anaconda snake. The evil look of the headlamps also gained it a second nickname of ‘Evil Spirit.’

Have a look…

have a look at the backside of the evil spirit…

And then, we have the Honda Accord 1990 nicknamed as Honda Allah…

This was another favorite that continued where the 86’ model had left off. It was heavy amongst the Hausas of Northern Nigeria who were obsessed with it. When a Hausa man boasted about his Honda, he would go; ‘Na my Honda, Allah!’ Loool…

Have a look…


And finally, the Honda Accord 1998 nicknamed Baby boy…

The circumstances surrounding this car’s nickname is quite funny. The became popular after it was spotted in John Singleton’s film titled ‘Baby boy’ which starred Tyrese Gibson in the lead role.

It seems to look quite cool also and at a point, every young boy in Nigeria wanted to ride a “baby boy.”


 And here is the back view…

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