Sex Scandals In Nigeria And Why Women Are Always At The Losing End [OPEN]



Sex scandal. (Photo Credit: Google)
Sex scandal. (Photo Credit: Google)

Religion is one thing that has robbed so many Nigerians of their wisdom and objective sense of judgment and the earlier people realize that religion shouldn’t turn one into a puppet, the better.

Different churches have continued to be established in Nigeria that comedians have even made a joke out of it when they said that each letters of the alphabet has a church it represents in Nigeria.

This does not take away the fact that there are a thousand and one fake pastors who by their selfish interest have chosen to fill their own pockets rather than focus on the major aim of their ministries.


Soul winning has become a luxury among them perhaps because of the age and time we live in which has made it very much easy for them to be prone to too many scandals.

Most of the prominent pastors in Nigeria have at one point or the other faced scandals that have the potentials of ruining their entire lives if not well managed.

Apostle Johnson Suleman of the Omega Fire Ministries in Auchi, Edo State is the latest victim of sex scandals which has been making rounds for some days.

A Canadian-based lady named Stephanie Otobo is the major face in the scandal as she has leveled too many allegations on the renowned pastor.

She claimed to have had a love affair with the apostle which eventually led to pregnancy but she miscarried it along the line.

Many tongues have continued to wag and the atheists and non-Christians have seen it as a golden opportunity to feel good.

What most Nigerians fail to understand especially in issues as sensitive as this is that anything is possible especially with the complex nature of the country.

Some people are of the view that the whole saga is politically motivated as buttressed by Suleman himself when he took to his Twitter handle amidst the entire brouhaha to write: “You hear stories and you laugh. Very poor job. ..we know where certain stories come from, every voice has an invoice, the church is standing tall.

“Just saw the picture..they could have used a more presentable lady…Nigeria politicians and comedy.”

Whether politically motivated or otherwise, the bitter truth about this entire situation remains that in the end, the woman may be the most hurt party while the man moves on like nothing ever happened.

Yes, women in Nigeria and Africa at large are more vulnerable than men especially in issues like this.

Nature and nurture made it so and even though lots of strategies have been employed to curtail that, none seems to have worked the magic.

You may have come across the story of a married man, Iniabasi Bassey Asuquo, who lured over 18 ladies via Facebook and propose marriage to most of them concurrently before his antics were finally busted.

The story made rounds on Facebook and several other social platforms and sadly, in the end, people rather than blame the man, chose to distribute the blames on the gullible women who allowed themselves fall for his tricks with some even going as far as sending him some cash while awaiting the impossible wedding to take place.

Recall the case of former Miss Anambra beauty queen, Chidinma Okeke? Of course she did the act with men but unfortunately, none of those men were mentioned in the scandal and she actually was left to bear the brunt alone.

Hers is just one amongst millions of sex scandals in Nigeria where women are not even the focus at the initial stage but in the end, they become the major culprits despite being the victims originally.

That is one of the reasons the female folks are usually advised to employ maximum care in whatever they do to avoid the hunter being the hunted in the end.


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