How Smart Is The Move To Replace Promotional Examination With Training In The Public Service? [CLICK]


Civil-Servants‘Examination is not a true test of knowledge’, so goes a popular assertion and the people in that school of thought may not be absolutely wrong.

Sometimes, it takes more than examination to determine a person’s intellectual prowess especially in a country like Nigeria where virtually everything can be manipulated.

For instance, in some institutions, students with the famed ‘long legs’ may gain access to the examination scripts and prepare ahead of time in line with the questions while others who are not as privileged sweat it out to study voraciously only for the fortunate ones to perform better in the end despite putting in lesser efforts.

It is also common to see students offer lecturers their bodies in exchange for good grades while the others who are not bold enough to do same often end up with poorer performances.


Practices like this have made people conclude that examination is not necessarily a true test of knowledge, therefore shouldn’t be the standard to judge who knows it and who doesn’t.

In the civil service, promotion is often preempted by series of examinations to determine how qualified a candidate is, but just like every other thing, it can also be manipulated to favour some select few against the people who may even be more qualified for the feat.

This practice is no longer surprising to a handful of Nigerians because it is part of the rot in the system which needs to be purged in order to get things right.

Recently, the Lagos State Government led by Governor Akinwunmi Ambode approved a structured training programme to precede promotion rather than the usual examination.

According to the Acting Lagos State Head of Service, Mrs. Folasade Adesoye the introduction of the ‘Structured Training Programme’ to replace written examination for staff appraisal will enthrone merit in workers’ assessment and promotion.

Adesoye explained that the new system of promotion was particular on meritorious performance and competitive knowledge.

She said: “The new model was approved by Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, in furtherance of his quest for a more vibrant, efficient and proactive public service. The model has taken into cognizance the essence of an effective staff evaluation and advancement system which is focused on meritorious performance and competitive knowledge.”

This move is in fact a welcome development as it will go a long way to ensure transparency in the process of promotion in the public service.

If more of such strategies are introduced in other sectors of the country’s economy, corruption and other malpractices will likely make a journey of no return from the country.

It will welcome a new phase where people will now earn their promotions on merit rather than use their influence to buy them even when they are not qualified.

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