THE BIGGER THE BETTER? 8 Struggles Only Girls With Big Boobs Can Relate To (PHOTOS)

Woman with big boobs. Photo Credit; Simply Samad
A Woman with big boobs. Photo Credit; Simply Samad

This is by no means subjecting women with big boobs to any form of stigma but an avenue for  them to appreciate themselves and be confident about their boobs.

Enjoy reading;

  1. Bra size;

Of course you can find a bra just the size of your boobs but are they really cute, like the ones those with small boobs get? This is definitely one of the problems that women with big boobs face.

  1. Does your back hurt?

Funny but a lot of times women with large boobs get such a question or even more annoying ones from basically random people. It could be while you are walking on the street or at a spot, people just walk up to you to ask if your back hurts due to your big boobs. Lol.

Woman with big boobs. Photo Credit: Plus Beauty
Woman with big boobs. Photo Credit: Plus Beauty
  1. Sexual appeal;

Again, just all your outfits make you look sexually attractive. This may not be intentional but as the result of your big boobs. You can’t help it. Even when you want to look the most decently dressed, your boobs may be saying something different.

  1. Guys speak to your boobs;

Most men would rather have their eyes fixed on your boobs than eyes when talking to a woman with big boobs.

Woman with big boobs. Photo Credit; Simply Samad
Woman with big boobs. Photo Credit; Simply Samad
  1. What is the size;

Absolutely embarrassing sometimes especially when it comes from someone you don’t know. Ladies could walk up to you just to ask what the size of your bra is.

  1. No backless dresses;

This should freak any woman with big boobs. You just cannot step out flaunting your side boobs in backless dresses because you can’t survive without bras.

  1. Pregnancy;

The thought of getting pregnant alone is scary enough not think of how your boobs will look like.

  1. Your notion about men;

Most women with big boobs think that any man who asks them out on a date basically wants to have a feel of their boobs.


It’s simple. Accept yourself and appreciate your body. Remember, you can only appreciate being loved when you love yourself. So be confident and flaunt what you have.

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