The Cuppy Problem: Why Nigerians Are Beefing DJ Cuppy by Olufunke Phillips [OPEN]

DJ Cuppy’s has copped intense criticisms for her new song, ‘Charged up’.

To cuppy this tune press 1…

I can imagine the amount of cringes and eye rolls that have followed this signature phrase from DJ Cuppy.

Copy what? This one na song? Person dey sing rubbish and she dey say make we cuppy. Cuppy kill you dia. Foolish geh.

These feelings and more are probably what’s going through the mind of the average Nigerian that listens to DJ Cuppy’s songs.


They just want her to stop singing. As in. Stop. Right now. This minute. Not another toneless note from her lips. She should just stop. Plis. Abeg. Biko. Stop. Singing. Aunty. Cuppy.

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Why though? I don’t know.

I can hazard some guesses and I’d share them shortly.

First off, why do we want her to stop singing? I want her to carry on singing even though you all hate her songs. Her songs are catchy, amusing and I feel she’s just releasing these songs to have fun and wind you guys up. If that is the case, then I stan that level of fuck it and petty.

She’s like “I released Werk. You people were shouting abi? Oya, take Charged Up. Gaan call police”

Anyway, let me tell you why we hate Cuppy.

We hate her because we hate rich people.

Why do we hate rich people? Errrm…duh…we do because we are not rich people.

And there are levels to this ish…

… even people that worked their way up to a level of ‘richness’ will resent Cuppy because she doesn’t come from the humble beginnings they relate to.

Our general disposition to Cuppy and her shenanigans is borne out of two things.

1. Ambivalence
2. Envy

1. We want to be rich but we hate rich people. Simultaneously loving and hating a person, place, or thing is defined as ambivalence. We want that money but ah God, rich people get on our last nerves. Who the fuck do they think they are? Is it because they have money? Erm, yes. It is.

Because of the acute discomfort we feel about these aliens with more money than sense (according to us) we wish they were of questionable character so we can feel better about ourselves.

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But if they’re young rich girls with an alright image just singing crappy songs, we still don’t like them because…Ambivalence.

2. Envy is an emotion that is accompanied by feelings of inferiority, hostility and resentment. It also comes with a faux feeling of injustice. We feel they have an unfair advantage. We not only hate the person, we question everything we can about them. How dare Cuppy be releasing shitty songs upon shitty songs? Is it because she’s rich? Erm, yes, you’re right. That’s exactly why she can.

Number 1 and 2 are valid feelings. No doubt, they are.

But let’s talk about life and its realities.

Cuppy’s songs are no less crappy than the ton of songs that plague our airwaves that we bob our heads to.

But she annoys us. She’s rich, cheerful and just happy singing her one beat, single tone song. And this annoys us. It annoys the fuck outta us.

People are hustling, saving money for studio time,and saving money to shoot video, dem never still blow.

This one will just enter studio, sing ajankolokolo, do video and voila, she’s allover our screens.

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How very annoying. How very unfair.

I understand the pain.

But you will need to deal.

It is not her fault that she’s a rich kid. If you were a rich kid too, it wouldn’t be your fault, but alas, you’re not a rich kid hence feelings number 1 and 2.

She’s just a girl living life the way she wants. She’s not hurting anyone. She’s only singing weird songs. She’s a philanthropist too. That has to make up for all her shenanigans, right?

I don’t know what you people want from her. The girl believes she’s a singer and she has the money to fuel those dreams. Let her dream biko. Dreams are not free. They cost money yo.

This is why I want to be a billionaire. I want to be a billionaire so that my kid can decide she wants to be a singer and sing nonsense to her heart’s content.

I will support her.

One crappy song a month. If you insult her the way people are insulting Cuppy, then we will release 2 crappy songs the next month and buy out the airwaves. Rubbish.

You think we are here to play. I will show you that our money is longggggggg.

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