THE FUTURE IS FEMALE : 5 Reasons Africa Needs More Female Presidents [READ]

African women.
African women.

It used to be an African thing to say that a woman’s education ends in the kitchen, but that mentality has gradually taken a flight off the continent as more people are beginning to see the essence of women in the society.

Those days, parents were skeptical about sending their female children to school for fear that it would be a waste of resources since they would be married off in no time.

However, with the growing feminism movement, the marginalization against women has gradually decreased to the barest minimum and most countries are now involving women in leadership issues than before.

Many hopes were dashed following the outcome of the United States presidential polls which saw President Donald Trump as the 45th President of the world power.


Millions of people canvassed for Hillary Clinton because they probably understand that a woman would have done better as the POTUS.

Even though some people may still argue that women are the weaker vessels, there are some reasons why they will do better as leaders in different capacities in Africa and even the globe at large.

Currently, there are only two female heads of state in Africa, Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Malawian President Joyce Banda.

Even though they may not have performed perfectly over the years, history has it that they have done better than most male presidents in the continent and that is one of the reasons we need more females in such position.

Below are some reasons why women would do better as leaders in our continent:


When it comes to listening, women do it better than their male counterparts and recall a saying that great leaders are great listeners. In the African setting, women are groomed not just to listen but to listen effectively and this is sure one of the traits to look out for in a leader.


Apparently, men are often carefree and are hardly bothered by things, hence they usually fail to pay attention to details.  If same task was given to a man and a women, there are higher chances that the woman will deliver more efficiently since paying attention to details is a trait most African women possess. This obviously is a trait most people would want in a leader and not someone who will work haphazardly just to get on with life.


It is in the nature of most African women unlike men to multi-task and this is one trait much needed from a good leader.

Naturally women have the pacifying trait and this will mean less trouble if they are allowed to assume certain leadership positions.


Women are created with emotional empathy coupled with motherhood instincts that will always make them look back and do a job better than it previously was.

Women are capable of not just showing empathy for the poor, the outcasts, the orphans, the weak, the old, the handicapped but they actually DO something about it.

Ideally, a leader should have traces of compassion in their traits.  Besides, since it has been scientifically proven that women are more emotionally intelligent than men, why won’t they be allowed to display some of these skills?


Forget that men usually claim to be more hardworking than women, most times they break down after doing just a little work that women would do over and over with the help of their inner strength.

Naturally, women especially in this clime are taught that hard work pays and they grow up with the mentality which makes them want to do their best in whatever they engage in. Who wants to argue that men are more hardworking than women?  Of course a leader is expected to be up and doing, and this is one of the reasons we need more women to occupy the presidency in the African continent.

Are you convinced yet? Kindly read again if you are not.

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