The World Cup Trophy – Nigeria dreams of glory

Nigeria fans. Photo: File

The FIFA World Cup trophy is making the rounds through ten countries in Africa. It serves as an inspirational object that is fueling Nigeria in dreams of glory. On its way through Khartoum, Nairobi, Addis Ababa, Cape Town, Maputo, Kampula and Johannesburg, it came to rest in Abuja briefly. On the most recent stop, Christian Karembeu, former World Cup Winner joined the celebration in Lagos to spend time with journalists and fans.

Karembeu explains the significance

In a meaningful gathering of fans and reporters, Karembeu shared his sentiments about the trophy. He discussed the historical significance and famous footballers who have lifted it including Maradona, Pele and other stars. Karembeu had taken part in the 1998 World Cup in France as a member of the winning side. He further shared that he had also had dreams in his boyhood of just being privileged to touch the iconic symbol of sportsmanship and victory. It was Karembeu who suggested that the trophy’s presence in Nigeria had the power to give the people real hope for winning the prize for the entire continent. If you’re a betting person who’d like to place a wager on the odds, There are several reputable online sports betting sites such as Bet9ja where you can put your faith in a team into action for a potentially big win.

The Universal appeal of the World Cup


Simply viewing the famous trophy inspires a sense of hopefulness and pride. It’s an iconic symbol in the sport of football. The beauty of the piece lies within two aspects. It is approximately 14.5 inches in height and weights a little over 13.5 pounds. The monetary value is high as it is crafted of 18 carat gold. It’s appropriate that an object of such immense value is made of a precious and revered material. As though this isn’t enough, there are two layers of malachite within the base and on the underside, you find the name of each winner of the FIFA cup, along with the year of victory since 1974.

Does Africa stand a chance at winning the 2018 World Cup?

It doesn’t hurt that the 18 carat gold cup has been proudly displayed in Nigeria and other African countries. It’s a big inspiration for the teams and the fans who cheer them on. On an emotional level, the passing of the cup has a big impact on the morale, hopes, dreams and determination of the people of Africa. This includes individual players and the organizations that rally them together into teams. There is a great deal of mental and psychological preparation that goes into the game. This is in addition to the practice and strategic planning involved. Supporters are keenly aware of these necessities and a stellar effort is made to ensure that the welfare of the players is met to give them the best possible odds for victory. As for Nigeria, from the whole of the country to the individual players and supporters, there is a strong belief that they could be next to add their name to the 2018 engraving that will appear on the trophy at the end of the competitions.

Closing thoughts

Still there is skepticism in the ranks. There are some who believe that the closest they will get to the cup is by watching it pass through their town. Some believe that certain weak players could be their downfall, but this is how it works with sports fandom. Serious online sports betters are not willing to allow sentiment to get in the way of judgment based on past performances when it comes to placing money on the line. Although we’re seeing a mixture of hope, optimism and guarded realism, there are those that will cheer the Super Eagles on in their sixth attempt at the World Cup tournament as they enter the competition this year in Russia. If strength, heart and strong unbridled desire are helpful, then the team has a good shot at bringing in a win for their country and their continent.

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