This Viral Vlogger is Doing Better PR For Nigeria Than Lai Mohammed And His Jollof Rice Gaffe

Nas Daily vlog creator, Nuseir Yassinvlog. Photo via Facebook

Between the negative news in the international media and the political shenanigans that go on in Nigerian on a daily basis, it is easy to believe that there are no positives about the country.

Citizens who, ordinarily, one would expect to be patriotic about their country and speak about her in positive light have been used to the negative narratives for so long that it has become something of a rare phenomenon to find a Nigerian who has witnessed the good side of Nigeria let alone be bold enough to make a video of it and share with the world.

Even Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed is not making it any easier recently when he was asked the Jollof Rice question by CNN’s Richard Quest.

One thing is sure, most people don’t think Nigeria is a place to see when one is “traveling the world”.

That is why when 25-year-old Social Media Influencer, Nuseir “Nas” Yassin, decided to make a 10 minutes video of Nigeria that most people see but usually don’t acknowledge, and share with his over a million followers, it was like he was talking about a whole new country altogether.

Nas spends much of his time globetrotting, making daily videos of his travels detailing his experiences and sharing it with over his over 1 million followers on his Facebook page, Nas Daily.

Nas recent projects see him spending major time in Africa celebrating African countries and breaking stereotypes by focusing on the positives. Before coming to Nigeria, Nas odyssey has taken him from Rwanda to Madagascar, creating content that millions of people are coming to appreciate judging by the comments under each video.

Thank you for breaking stereotypes and assumptions in my mind every morning, one minute at a time. Much appreciated,” one follower commented on Facebook. “I am traveling through you!!! I would love to see the world myself but there you go. Thanks for showing me the world,” another said.

Nas tagged his Nigerian video “Nigeria: Its clothes, food, history, startups, talent, and people!”

“You can tell I had fun there from the videos. Thanks everyone for making my stay so special.”

Watch Nas’ video of Nigeria below – Nigeria: 10 days in 10 minutes

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