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Welcome, welcome, to another ‘episode’ of…*Drumrolls* Top 5 Tweets of The Day! As usual, we’ve got a pot-pourri of tweets that we are sure a lot of you will find interesting. So, without further ado…

1. @Chxta: So we found this really strange. Apparently someone has been going round hacking into people’s email accounts and getting them to sign what appears to be a bogus petition. People, guard your details! Change your email password if necessary, because it might be just a petition today, and your bank details tomorrow.



2. @tpcast: This is hilarious! But err…could God be telling him that…maybe think about marrying another…*coughs*


3. @2faceidibia: Our #3 tweet is from the King himself, 2Baba! And he has a very valid point here. We have become so fixated on the presidential and gubernatorial elections that we have neglected to pay attention to the people that will be representing us at the National Assembly, State Assemblies and even the Local Governments. People, let’s make sure that we scrutinize all our candidates to ensure that we get the best people for the job. Especially at the areas that concern the grass-roots most.


4. @spacyZUMA: Although his dude has put a disclaimer to this tweet…but ladies! Don’t stand there gawking! Send him a DM all the same. You never can tell, God can just give you a social media match made in heaven! Oh…plus Val’s Day is around the corner, so…


5. @pr1y3: This one here is a bit heart-breaking. This sort of love that makes you hang on to the memories of that loved one whom you lost. *sad face*


P.S: We would like to tender our deepest apologies for not having been regular with our Top 5 Tweets of The Day. You guys can help us out by just copying us in any interesting tweet you see on your Timeline. And in case you don’t know, our Twitter handle is @thesheetng!



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