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Every last Tuesday of the month has been dedicated to select, review and recommend literatures on nation building and Social reforms. As we currently embark on new steps to rebuilding this fragile nation, the role of literatures/books cannot be overemphasized. They have the power to provoke thought in readers, expose them to different places, time periods, view points and culture. Books also impart a wide variety of experiences and helps develop critical thinking.

The book to be reviewed today will be the book for the month of August. I hope you enjoyed that of July, “From Third World to First; the Singapore story 1965-2000” by Lee Kuan Yew?


Author: Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum


No. of Pages: 214


This book is such an attention-grabbing read that it took me few days to finish. It is divided into 5 parts, with a total of thirteen chapters. After reading the book, you will sure be baptized with the spirit of excellence. It communicates excellence all through.

“This is a unique book in which His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, examines aspects of the UAE’s unique development experience. This young country is making every effort to achieve excellence and upgrade its status from a regional economic centre into an international hub. It is striving to excel in services, tourism, the knowledge economy and creative human resources in order to reach its ambitious development goals.

The book, therefore, represents a message of optimism that if all the constituents of any given society agree to excel in all fields, different cultures and religions can coexist without the slightest problem. The proof he provides is Dubai itself.” – Motivate Publishing



  • Credibility of leadership can only be established through action and not words.
  • Dubai’s mission is to become an international pioneering hub of excellence and creativity.
  • History shows no mercy for weaklings.
  • Nation can only overtake other nations through economic and military power, as testified by history.
  • When nations fail to develop, they become vulnerable to a collapse in security and stability, and lose the foundation on which prosperity was built.
  • Young people cannot shape a future befitting them, their nation and their country, without being provided with incentives, coaching, love and care. Nations are only as successful as their younger generations.
  • Routine is the enemy of the pioneering spirit.
  • The difference between good and bad government sometimes lies in the number of obstacles we can remove from the path of our citizens or put before them.
  • Ignoring shortfalls in management is the quickest way for underdevelopment to continue unchecked.
  • Practicality is one of the preconditions for a vision to materialize
  • If we want to know how to avoid future defeats, we must understand how the past ones occurred.
  • People are a leader’s true wealth
  • Bureaucrats are self declared enemies of change.
  • One of the important works of government is to tap the potential of the people, inspire them to generate great ideas, help them develop wealth, and transform their ideas into major projects.
  • Young people must be ready to harvest fruit from the sand, tap water from the desert and render the soil fertile.
  • A horseman is one who rides a horse, but a knight is a horseman who knows the meaning of riding his horse.
  • The world is going through change, we must also change in order to adapt. In today’s world, change is the rule and stagnation is the exception.
  • Readily available finance does not necessarily mean development, because the real value of money lies in its efficient use and not its amount.
  • The best advantage of success is that it is a sure way to achieving even more success.
  • Simplifying procedures is the basis for improving services.
  • Excellence does not recognize religious or ethnic difference because its overwhelming humanitarian nature overcomes everything that might create differences between people.
  • No pleasure can be more rewarding to a leader than promoting the status of his country and improving the standard of living of his people.
  • Civilizations are only as excellent as their institutions.
  • Economic development is the key to all other disciplines of development.

Until next week, be good and take charge!

Ayomide Alao







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