TS COLUMNIST: Of those that Crowned themselves the King of Hell forgetting the Devil exists by Segun Awosanya [OPEN]


People with good intentions make promises and based on their good character, keep same but humans are fragile creatures made up of broken hearts and broken promises. Thus, promises have become the biggest lie in the world.

As we move from the Information age to the communication age, engagement trumps rhetorics and propaganda. The people no longer get swayed by talks, perfunctory actions or false promises. They need strategic action that proves beyond reasonable doubt the sincerity of those that hope to lead them.

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The mirror of a man’s heart is his actions. We are moving from disastrous leadership that makes promises they don’t intent to keep to enlightened leadership that will focus on making commitments. It is not about make believes but reigniting hope, without which the future is forlorn.

The events of the past months (since my last blog post) plunged many into untold trauma and depression. Where in the world would you hear that the Police of a country kidnaps and robs innocent citizens on a national scale and the government of the Day remains unperturbed and those superintending over the organized crime syndicate keep their jobs?

Is it sane to assume we have a civilization when the Army kills unarmed protesters in large numbers and justifies same? Will you celebrate and invest in a country that has ruined all its institutions with nepotism just to maintain regime security? If the sudden exit of HSBC, UBS and others that would still be announced, tells us anything, it would be that we are headed to ground zero with this administration.

Rwanda healed herself after the genocide by banning the talks about tribe. The nation thus became everyone’s tribe. It is now a crime to lay claim to be from a particular tribe. Nigeria needs this and it begins with the choice of visionary leadership. We have seen the need to shun or reinforce desperate, indolent, listless, incompetent, clannish and nepotistic recluse to avoid further plunge into the bottomless chasm.

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The state has failed in all ramification and we currently live in Hell as a people. It is time to course correct and engage dutifully in the psychological and spiritual battle for the hearts and minds that will take strategic thinking and faith. This is far from the the noise or clash of the acronyms neither is it about APC/PDP. It is about the future of our children which will be forlorn should the enemies of our democracy succeed at perpetuating themselves in power.

I can’t possibly know what it is like to be someone else, but it’s also true that no one knows what it is like to be me. A wise man once said that the litany of words become Assassins of Idealism when not backed by Action. What actions are you taking?

Don’t be swayed by the “Leeches” with titles across economic sectors and government Nigeria has been inundated with. People who suck the life out of Humanity. When you ask a simple question and people reel out their CVs and personal achievements you know you’ve got yourself a Leech/Parasite living a Revisionary Life. Look beyond that and demand for the account of their impact and influence in society even without political power.

Power indeed belongs to the people and fundamentally, Change comes at the expense of Power and Power at the expense of Change. Whatever you can’t achieve without political power, (at least to an extent), you may not be able to achieve with power and politics.

When people admonish you not to bite off more than you could chew with your circumspection in the choice of your next leader, let them know that you are deeply convinced that you will rather choke on greatness and excellence in the cause of humanity than nibble on mediocrity in self aggrandizement.

The world only exists in your eyes. Make of it what you will.

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