TS Columnist: Do Not Dignify Mess – Bolatito Braithwaite Ubakanwa



I often wonder why people can’t simply call a spade a spade and why they often have to “dress up” issues to please people.

The world has succeeded in dragging people in a glorified mess. Indeed, in the bid to be politically correct, a lot of people have lost their personal identities.

Why do you choose to follow the path of cowards? What has happened to the voice of reasoning in you?  Why will you allow yourself to be dragged by the drunken waves of the world?


Many often say: “since I can’t beat them, let me move in with them.” This is because they aren’t ready to wake up their dead voices. They often say, “Let’s please them, yes they will change, let’s give them time.”

They blindly believe.

This is what I will call a ‘dignified mess!’ How hard is it to walk away, how hard is it to stand alone, to walk the lone walk, the walk of dignity?  It’s dark and lonely but it’s worth every step.

Thank God for common sense, which seems to be scarce, or how else will I have known that the whispering voices were nothing but lost crickets; which many people took for people cheering them on.

Alas!  It’s clearer now, yes it’s distinct now,  that voice, Yes!  That lone voice I’ve heard a thousand times, saying “don’t dignify mess, you can walk the path alone, it’s long,  it’s dark but at the end,  you’ve left the mess behind! Yes!  If God is in it, it would end in praise!

Sista Bola.




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