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The attitude of the citizens of a nation goes a long way in determining the altitude of that nation

In recent times, Nigeria has emerged as one of the most religious countries of the world. Hence, it will be a colossal oversight if I fail to lay emphasis on the role of religion as we currently embark on new steps to rebuilding this fragile nation. Religion, if properly harnessed, can serve as a powerful tool for societal transformation.

There are some vital roles which this social phenomenon (religion) can play in transforming this nation if properly harnessed by the citizens. Two of these roles will be discussed in today’s article.  




As a diverse nation, there are so many things that tend to threaten our unity, amongst which are ethnicity and political affiliations. In spite of the presence of these divisive tools, religion can still serve as a major cohesive tool if properly harnessed.

The two major creeds in this nation, Christianity and Islam, have followers from all tribes with diverse culture united in faith. This unity among religious followers is responsible for the huge transformation being experienced in religious bodies in Nigeria, particularly in regards to the continuing increase in the number of places of worship and the population of adherents. But the same cannot be said regarding the changes religion has brought in respect to its impact on social transformation and national unity, mainly because the unity among religious adherents seems to be confined only to the four walls of their worship centres.

Some of the major values that the two major religions teaches are oneness, unity, love and selflessness. Living by these principles, both inside the walls of our worship centres and outside, will enhance unity and progress in this nation. live and walk these principles everywhere you find yourself.


It is also a fact that everyone in this nation cannot belong to a particular creed; i.e., everyone cannot be a Muslim, neither can everyone be a Christian. We should therefore all learn how to co-exist as brothers and sisters that we truly are. Unity amongst us all is the most essential tool needed for building the nation of our dream. Religion is a social phenomenon that can enhance unity if we all live by its tenets.



The attitude of the citizens of a nation goes a long way in determining the altitude of that nation. For us to witness real, long lasting transformation in this nation, there must be a change in our attitude.

Reading through an article that chronicled the success story of Japan, it was discovered that the major force responsible for her (Japan) inexorable development is the attitude of her citizens. The Japanese have pride in their jobs and desire to excel in their given roles, whether as cooks, government officials or whatever. They detest absenteeism in their jobs or schools. They are disciplined, hardworking, united, efficient and always willing to learn. Unlike majority of Nigerians who are so crazy about office jobs and are willing to go to any extent to get one, all workers in Japan considered themselves grey collar workers, not white or blue-collar. They are willing to soil their hands. An Average Japanese is an avatar of selflessness, probity and truth.

The aforementioned attitudes (selflessness, discipline and hard work) that characterise the Japanese are all embedded in what we are being taught in our worship centres. They are the roots on which all faiths have been based.   Religion is the most potent tool that can be used in reforming the attitude of both the political class and the entire citizenry if we all live by its core tenets.


Until next week, be good and take charge.


Ayomide Alao






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