TS COLUMNIST: Self Genocidal Hatred and the Birds born in the Cage by Segun Awosanya [OPEN]


Many scholars and mystics would agree that everything is connected. We are as much a part of nature as it is a part of us. We are who we are as much as who they are. Suffice to say we define society and we are society.

There is no doubt that there is an infinite cosmic orgy, rubbing, bumping and colluding with each other in a rhythmic pattern. The convergence of which create biological unions and astronomical collisions which inadvertently demonstrate the infinite potentials of our connection as it extends to the human heart.

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Globally, the connection economy of the world have denounced paper money as a currency but adopted Trust and goodwill as a measure of sustainable relationships. For this reason alone the youth of Nigeria must identify who their true enemies are.


It’s thus pathetic that most of the youth addicted to smartphones never observe anything. Life just happens to them. They get by on little more than a kind of dumb persistence, and they resist with anger and resentment anything that might lift them out of that false serenity.

Corollary, camaraderie, communion, family friendship love what have you, we are lost without connection. It is terrible to be alone. This is why most researches show the impact of social integration on longevity of humans. Every soul is dying to connect.

So we all can see the impact of the identity politics of hate (as weaponized for a fee by politicians) is causing a catastrophic interruption in our socio-political and professional life. It further entrench poverty as productivity is a function of connection. Someone will always be the missing part of the puzzle in your equation of success.

For every Moses, there is an Aaron and for every Peter there is a John. Every tribe has a potential Queen Esther, who you may not approve of in her dormant state or based on her past or family lineage. Seeing her as a queen designate would trigger name calling in little minds who are yet to find their purpose. Like Jesus (God wrapped in flesh), such outliers would be called Frauds simply because they break conventions and challenge the status quo.

Regurgitating pre-masculines inanities should never be a life purpose of any youth in the 21st century. We must identify and avoid vengeful souls biding their time, awaiting the most delectable moment to strike at our expense. The past had not yet relinquished its hold on most of the demigods in the political space, as they ignore many warnings of true patriots. Their eyes are blurred by vengeful hate and greed, numb to their perpetual failures and delusion.

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In as much as we can’t see our reflection in boiling water, the truth can’t be viewed in a State of anger, denial prejudice and putrid cognitive dissonance. Let’s analyze objectively in the know before we finalize.

There is no doubt that we mostly love our country and have been betrayed severally by people we invested trust in, thus leaving us no choice than sticking to narratives that are in tandem with our angst rather than the logical and Objective ones that promote peace and congeniality.

We must admit and agree that Nigeria needs more ‘Nation Builders’ than politicians and political supporters than ever. It is not enough to make a choice from the options amongst the political elites but to become part and parcel of the Educated Elites whose eyes of understanding are peeled.

I speak to the young bourgeoning leaders seeking like minds to emulate likewise those aligned with groups with a political agenda. It is not a crime to support a cause or political aspiration of any of the political leaders/elites. But our hows and whys matter for the future sake.

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In words and deeds we have laid examples of how systems can be engaged without being riotous or chaotic in verbiage, when we can be succinctly apt and decorous. Battles are first won in the mind and the multitude of misdemeanors are efforts in futility in the socio-political space.

Nigeria needs us all including those we seldom agree with at this critical point of our polity. We can’t build a nation as complex as ours with angst, discontent and acrimony. We must constructively engage, share ideas and disagree with emotional intelligence. We all want peace.

Nigeria will remain after politicians are long gone and we will be left with our role in the crisis that has left the future of our children and loved ones derelict. It is time to take responsibility for we are society. The power belongs to the people and we must not be played.

I must confess that regardless of who is in power, the incorruptible educated elites (enlightened leaders of thought) will always be relevant as institutional gap fillers. They are going nowhere and may not be ethically poised to take sides. We must root ourselves on the side of Nigeria, speak truth to power regardless of political party.

This may not mean much to a lot of people but those who know what I’m saying would appreciate this more. Vote your conscience and avoid spreading hate. It has never helped, it won’t now or ever would be helpful. Think of your children and the Kaffy you hope to bequeath to them. What would you be remembered for? Spreading hate or being exemplary in innovative strides that future generations will read about?

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