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Life! What a funny thing. We are here today and gone tomorrow. Yet the foolish behaves as if he has life in his kitty, as if he controls it.

Isn’t it funny how some people try to amass so much wealth, yet they can’t spare a meal for the orphans who beg by their gates?

How we sometimes boast of dealing with the issue, yet the owner of life refuses to wake us up in the morning.


Life! So fickle, so shallow!

If we really knew how long our borrowed time is, won’t we do more good? Won’t we love more? Won’t we settle misunderstandings more quickly? Won’t we love our neighbours just as ourselves and lend a hand almost all the time?

It’s not you to decide or me to set a date when it’s over in this world. The owner of life has it all covered. Some will sleep, some will drive, some will swim out of this life but remember, that whenever it’s over here, make sure you are smiling to the over side, yes, a winner, who came, fulfilled, conquered and left.

Remember, life has got nothing on you if end in praise. Yes! If God is in it, it will end in praise.

Sista Bola.




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