TuFace’s Cancellation Of Protest And Threatened Nigerian Democracy [VIDEO]


tuface-cryingIn a democratic dispensation, the popular ‘government of the people, for the people and by the people’ aphorism should come to play, but it appears to be a different story altogether in Nigeria.

Last week, foremost Nigerian hip-hop artiste, Innocent Idibia popularly known as TuFace came up with an idea to lead a nationwide protest against the President Muhammad Buhari-led Federal Government.

Subsequently, lots of reactions began to trail the plan and finally, TuFace opted out from the planned protest scheduled to hold in Lagos and Abuja respectively on Monday, February 6, 2017.

As expected, he became the subject of discussion among Nigerians some of whom believed he had written his name in the infamous hall of shame.


Some are of the view that TuFace is the least qualified person to lead such protest for the fact that he has children from different women.

There was a stiff opposition by different parties including the Nigerian Police who cited insecurity as the basis for their stance.

A lot of people opined that Nigerians don’t necessarily need a celebrity to lead a protest before their voices would be heard.

On the other hand, some others are of the view that the democracy of the country is being threatened under the current administration as it was a different ball game during the previous administration.

If not, why did TuFace back out from the protest all of a sudden and people are making so much fuss about it?

Or does this in any way suggest the scary fact that freedom of speech no longer obtainable in Nigeria after all?

Some people believed that he could have been under gun duress while making the apology considering his mien in the viral video.

He took to his Instagram to share the video with a caption that read: “Dear Nigerians!!! Due to security concerns and public safety consideration. I hereby announce the cancellation of the planned March”.

A lot of people concluded that he was possibly under serious pressure and finally succumbed to it for peace to reign.

While a lot of people have continued to lash out on him for what they consider as chickening out, others believe that something serious must have preempted his decision.

Moreover, his wife, Annie Idibia reportedly disclosed that after TuFace disclosed his intention, she received a handful of life-threatening calls from unknown persons which all boiled down to the cancellation of the protest.

In as much as millions of Nigerians were disappointed by Tuface’s decision, it could have been a gaining ground for people to exercise their own individual rights of freedom of speech.

Besides, recall that the Minister of Labour and Productivity, Dr Chris Ngige had earlier warned Nigerians that protests and warning strikes would no longer be tolerated in the country since they are not enshrined in any part of the constitution.

Apparently, the government is not living up to expectations and Nigerians supported the protest with so much zeal in their bid to bring the attention to it.

Good enough, some people still took up the challenge and continued from where TuFace stopped with a sheer determination to go on with the protest in order to draw the attention of the government to many problems people face daily as citizens.

Hopefully, there would be a positive outcome from the protest, otherwise, the essence of the entire move would be defeated.

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