Uncovered! The truth About Alleged Sex Scandal Rocking Buhari’s Government… READ Shocking Details

President Muhammadu Buhari (Photo Credit: File)

Indications have emerged that the report of an alleged sex scandal which was said to have rocked the presidency over the appointment of aides is false.

During the week, there were reports in some section of the media (not Thesheet.ng) that a cabal inside the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) has hijacked the nomination and appointment of aides inside the presidency.

The source was further said to have alleged that the Director of Buhari Support Group (BSO) Dr Ibrahim Bello Daudu and Lauretta Onochie, a prominent member of the APC were denied appointments because they could not fulfil the wishes of the cabal – one of which include sexual gratification.

The source alleged that Dr Daudu was denied his appointment because of flimsy excuses tendered against him and Mrs Lauretta Onochie was also not given any appointment because she would not flirt with the cabal.


But while reacting to these allegations, Dr Daudu said he was not officially aware of any appointment offered or denied him adding that appointments into different positions of power is solely the prerogative of the president.

He added that the Buhari Support Organization is an umbrella body that offered voluntary services towards supporting the aspirations of the president when he was an aspirant of the APC.

“I was angry when I saw the report. Well let me make it very clear that Buhari Support Organization is an umbrella body is set up to supervise voluntary support structures for the purpose of the campaign.

“People will tell you I was told but it will be difficult to find someone who will say this is the evidence, I was there. So officially, I was neither contacted by anybody or any group on anything that has to do with appointment nor given any condition in the first place. And my relationship with Mr President dates back to even before he became president. So he is like a father not only to me but all of us that are within the structure,” Dr Daudu submitted.

In the same vein, Mrs Lauretta Onochie, dismissed the allegations that she was denied appointment because she would not do the bidding of the cabal. She reiterated that she is happy with the presidency and also does not need any backdoor help from anyone to speak for her even if she was offended or fouled.

“There is no sex scandal with me and I wasn’t appointed special adviser to the president. You can call others and they would speak for themselves.

“These are the two that concerns me. I don’t know how my name got mentioned in such a thing. I am 57 year old woman and what I do, I take seriously. I am a volunteer with the presidency and that’s about it. Nobody has never said I will not be appointed unless I flirt with them. I am a married woman.”


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