Indecent Dressing.
Indecent Dressing.

If you don’t dress to kill, you may be considered a fashion oldie in today’s society because that is seemingly what fashion is all about especially among young people.

The management of University of Lagos State, UNILAG has introduced a dress code for the students of the institutions and as expected, tongues have started wagging about the development.

While most of the students are kicking against the move, some others who pride in modesty are giving their thumbs up to the development.


From the circular disseminated to students around the school, it was vividly stated that lecturers and administrators have the right to correct erring students and go as far as excusing them from lectures and other official engagements.

According to the circular, “indecent modes of exposure do not reflect the seriousness, dignity and character-moulding nature of the institution.”

The circular reads in part: “It has been observed that some male and female students of the University of Lagos dress indecently on campus, even to lectures. Indecent dresses are either too tight, too short or expose sensitive parts of the body.

“Students should maintain a clean and well-cared for appearance in all settings on campus. Wearing of tight, strapless and revealing clothes whose length are above the knees are inappropriate.”

Henceforth, male and female UNILAG students are not allowed to wear the following:

i. All tight-fitting clothes including skirts, trousers and blouses
ii. All clothes, which reveal sensitive parts of the body such as the bust, chest, belly, upper arms and the buttocks. Example of such dresses are transparent clothing, spaghetti tops, tubes, skirts and dresses with slits above the knees fall in this category.
iii. Outfits such as knickers and mini-skirts, dresses, which are not at least, knee length.
iv. Inappropriate outfits e.g party-wear, beach wear and bathroom slippers should not be worn to lectures.
v. Outfits such as T-shirts, skirts and jeans, which carry obscene and subliminal messages.
vi. Trousers such as hip-riders and low waist jeans.”

We understand that the management is only trying the strategy in a bid to curb the menace of indecent dressing in the school, but how palatable does it appear for one to dictate what to wear to grown ass adults?

Considering that we live in a free society where one has the liberty to do whatever he or she deems fit provided it doesn’t harm the next person, should this move be applauded?

As much as most people may not agree to this, but most cases of sexual harassment in higher institutions were birthed by indecent dressing.

A lot of men find it difficult to control their libido and will go after any woman who exposes a little more than she should and until they get through their underwear, they will not relent.

If the new move is strictly adhered to, there are possibilities that the rate of indecent dressing would be reduced over time.

Perhaps, the supposedly leaders of tomorrow would be propelled to dress like leaders indeed since the aphorism of dressing the way you want to be addressed still hold water.

Let’s just hope the plan works well considering the way the institution is and the caliber of students found around it.

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