The Unpopular Truth About The Increasing Divorce Rate In Nigeria [READ]

Divorce. (Photo Credit:
Divorce. (Photo Credit:

Prior to the 70’s, marriage was held with much sanctity and divorce was not such a common term as it currently is in this 21st century.

Some marriages were far from the famed happily ever after, but couples lived together for long and are mostly separated when either of them died in line with the avowed ‘for better or worse…till death do us part’. has listed some of the reasons why the divorce rate seems to be too high in recent times especially in Nigeria.

Check the points out below:



Sex is a serious issue but unfortunately, it is one subject people especially in Nigeria usually shy away from discussing because of fear of being labeled as corrupt. But statistics have shown that most cases of divorce in recent times actually arise from issues related to sex.

When couples don’t derive the needed sexual satisfaction from their each other, they may decide to call it quits and seek the satisfaction somewhere else.


Most African men naturally have ego issues and this has broken more homes in recent times. In this era when feminism is growing, most women who seek equal rights with their husbands are often quick to want out if the man’s superiority complex becomes somewhat irritating.

Superiority complex makes it difficult for couples to compromise certain things to have a successful marriage.

Some couples will not bring themselves low to apologize to each other and settle differences and may stay for months without talking to each other.


Many people tend to delve into marriage without giving it a second thought and divorce becomes the next available option when they realize that they shouldn’t have entered into it in the first instance.


The rate at which couples cheat is quite alarming and is one of the top reasons why many marriages hit the rocks.

It is common to hear people say that infidelity is a deal breaker for them when it comes to relationships.


Lack of money is one of the reasons many homes have been broken in recent times. Some gold diggers get married expecting too much from their partners and when they are not getting what they need, divorce happens.

In as much as money is very important, but that shouldn’t form the basis for jumping into marriage in the first instance because even if the money was there as at the time of sealing the marriage deal, a time may come when the money may not be as sufficient as it used to be and at this point, the essence of entering the union gets defeated and divorce would come calling.


Many people get married because they want to have children and when they don’t achieve their aim, divorce becomes imminent for the impatient ones.

The issue of infertility could come from either the man or the woman, but we live in a society where women are judged for the inability to conceive.

It gets frustrating and most women who can no longer bear the fire may decide to opt out.


Westernization and technology advancement have done more harm than good to the country.

They top the chart of reasons for the spate of divorce in Nigeria.

Most young couples want to model their marriages to look like what they see in the movies oblivious of the fact that they live in a different environment.

They are distracted by too many things and the various social networks and modern media are not even be helping matters at all.

Some people hop from Facebook to WhatsApp, Badoo, BBM and all other social networks that expose them to too many alternatives and at some point, they may begin to compare their spouses to some of the people they come across on these platforms.


Communication is a very important tool to every successful marriage. Some couples over stretch issues and it gradually degenerate to serious problems.

Once the communication gap becomes too wide that couples begin to live in separate worlds of their own despite living under the same roof, the marriage may not survive it and divorce will occur.

For the rate of divorce to reduce, people should learn to get married because they want to get married and not for some wrong reasons.

If more couples are ready to work hand in hand to achieve a common goal, the rate of divorce will drastically reduce.


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