US-Based Woman And Her Fiance Accuses Singer Runtown Of Defrauding Her Of N45m [READ]

Shawn, Runtown

A US-based woman identified as Shawn Reno has cried out on Instagram, claiming that she has been defrauded by Nigerian musician, Runtown and his brother. According to her, the singer and his brother received payment of N45 million from her which was payed into two companies but only released N5.4 million for the purpose which she sent it.

Reno who called on the Nigerian government to help get her money back revealed that she had intended to send money to her boyfriend in Kenya but had trouble because of laws guiding against fraud. He fiance then suggested that he knew someone who could link him with a musician in Nigeria that could help collect the funds and transfer to him.

That’s how Shawn got in contact with Runtown and his brother who offered to help. However, after sending a total of N45 million, only N5.4 million was sent to her fiance and the balance of N38.8 million was kept by the singer and his brother, who have refused to come forward.

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Reno stated that her account has been flagged and all efforts to nab Runtown has been futile.

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The aggrieved woman also shared cheques which were payed into two different company accounts believed to owned by Runtown.

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I have seen a lot of negative comments, saying shit about me, let me clarify this, I wanted to make purchase of a house with my fiancée junior, my bank wouldn’t let me send huge funds of money out to Nigeria, because they where all saying Nigeria is a high risk country, even when he was in kenya they wouldn’t let me transfer to him because my account had been flagged when I tried transferring to him, my fiancée said he met with and old friend, called Alex who knew some musicians that could help us, it’s as easy for me to hand them over the funds in the US, which I did, I wrote him two checks in two companies name, $32,000 and $107,000, after he got the checks and cashed he started saying stories, later on he started saying they would pay after runtown’s show in Canada, I and my fiancée couldn’t have it because, we never invested on anyone’s music, I even had to come down to Kenya just to be certain my fiancée wasn’t involved, and even arrested the Alex, and after investigations and all we found out it was jack, his brother and wife trying to play a fast one on us, his wife claimed they had the money returned to me, which I also have the record of. I and my fiancée has used over $18,000 for both legal fees tickets and hotel bills already, he had to even travel to Nigeria to make a report also. This past months I have been dealing with cancer and chemo and catching flights from Texas to New York regularly just as result of my fiancée trusting his fellow country man so much. I gave this people $107,000 and they only paid $150000 to my fiancée. Above was when jack got the check, and also a 3 way call with him Alex and my fiancée.

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However, there are possible rumors that the lady must have been cat-fished by someone pretending to be Runtown.

Reports, however, reveal that Runtown’s management has denied the claim, saying it’s all lies. Nigerian security agents have also been notified and investigations are on-going. The management reportedly stated that Runtown has never and will never defraud anyone.

Meanwhile, Prince King alleged that he had paid Bobrisky to do some job that he has failed to deliver. The man who is apparently living abroad claimed that the cross dresser has failed to deliver on his promise.

This act of failing out on his words has made Prince King very much that he took his grievance to Instagram and made a video in which he threw accusations at the social media influencer.

He started off by accusing Bobrisky of duping fellow Nigerians. He then took the liberty to talk about the deal he had with the controversial celebrity.

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