WE ARE NOT SCARED OF ATIKU! APC Chief Details How Ruling Party Intends To Deal With PDP Presidential Candidate [OPEN]

APC Chief Details How Ruling Party Intends To Deal With PDP Presidential Candidate

National Auditor of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief George Moghalu has declared that the ruling party is not scared of the opposition posed by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, Atiku Abubakar.

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It is feared that the former vice-president poses the sternest challenge to the re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari but Moghalu is adamant that Buhari will retain the mandate of Nigerians to continue as president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Speaking to newsmen in Abuja, he said:”Why should we be jittery over Atiku? He is the choice of the PDP and we have no role to play over who emerges. PDP may have weighed its options but you may be surprised that other aspirants would have being a more formidable force. You may not know what an average Nigerian is looking for in a candidate.”


Moghalu stated that the chances of Buhari continuing in office is very high and he doesn’t see any other way after the poll in 2019.

He revealed: “Buhari chances are very bright and I can take a bet. I am very confident because of his performances, report card and commitment. You will see an honest person in him. I don’t believe that his strongholds like Kano, Kaduna, Kwara are uncertain.

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“Anybody who watched Buhari’s arrival at Kaduna unannounced and the crowd that received him will also know that the same thing will happen in Kwara and Kano. The commoners and average Nigerian feel the impact of what he is doing. You can see the man’s determination and commitment.

“He is willing to deliver and is making every effort, despite the challenges. We have to take into account where we were, where are today and the likelihood of where we will be in the next four years.

“Don’t you think that the body languages of the international communities seem not supportive of him? Do the international communities have a body? Let them conduct a poll in Nigeria and see what will happen. People are free to make assumptions but if there is any legacy Buhari wants to live, it will be a credible 2019 elections.

“Ordinarily, one would expect that he would direct that the states be delivered but APC lost in the 21 local governments during the Anambra state governorship election. We must give credit where there is need for it and criticise when there is need for it.

“Why there was issue with Osun is because APC won. Many would have celebrated Buhari if APC had lost Osun. But now that his party has won, we should give him credit.

“To be honest with you, I really don’t have any fear. However, what we need to do which is also good for our democracy is that we need to work hard as a party. We need to improve on our marketing and we need to consolidate on our area of advantage.

“We must continue to reach out to the people, doing what is expected of us considering the limited resources available to us. If there are healing process to take place internally to avoid any more cracks, we must concentrate on it until they are done with. We must ensure we tidied up our house first.”

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