When Will Young Nigerians Talk About Consent And Consensual Sex? (SEE)

When Will Young Nigerians Talk About Consent And Consensual Sex? Photo Credit: Popular Nudeteen
When Will Young Nigerians Talk About Consent And Consensual Sex? Photo Credit: Popular Nudeteen

There are countless popular topics of discussion among Nigerian youths at their work places, social media, events, hangouts and clubs, among others, but the issue of sexual harassment and consensual sex are often swept under the carpet.

The issues of sexual harassment and rape in Nigeria have been encouraged by a lot of factors where lack of law implementation and silence among Nigerians are a part of it.

This problem should be of great concern to all Nigerian giving the level uncontrollable issue of rape in the country as well as sexual molestation which goes on daily.

There are countless innocent Nigerians who have lost their lives and loved ones to rape and other sexual violence in the country with neither the government taking proactive measures against it nor Nigerians talking about it.


In recent times, celebrities and other reasonable Nigerians have been making efforts to speak against this act which has now become the order of the day not just among the youths but also in marriage. But such an effort has to be a collaborative one where the law is also expected to take its place.

Currently trending is the issue of sexual harassment between two contestants of one of Nigeria’s most watched live TV shows, Big Brother Naija, Tboss and Kemen where the later was disqualified yesterday, March 5th, 2017 after he abused Tboss sexually.

Tboss and Kemen: Photo Credit: GQ234
Tboss and Kemen: Photo Credit: GQ234

It becomes an issue when you sexually touch someone or have sex with them without their consent.

The big question is, while things like this happen daily in Nigeria, should Nigerians actually wait until it is in the news before they make a topic out of it?

What about our friends, loved ones, neighbours and other victims generally who we can help take their plights up as far as this trend is concerned.

How much do schools in Nigeria discourage the Nigerian child to keep off from this deadly act?

When we talk movies, football, fashion, music and more, why don’t we talk sex and the issues that come with it?

How long are Nigerians going to remain silent on that which kills her?

The earlier we realize that as a country we can fight any form of sexual molestation in Nigeria by not just talking about it but also by having appropriate laws in place against such act, the better for us.


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