Why Have Sex If You Don’t Want A Baby? [OPEN]

Black couple.
Black couple.

True to a popular saying, life is not always fair.

Some people may be bereft of ideas on what to do with what they have, while some others may be desperately wishing to get same thing at all costs.

While some women are desperate to conceive and are willing to go any length to achieve their quest, some others fell pregnant and aborted the pregnancy.

Worse still, some patiently carry the pregnancy to term and end up abandoning the innocent children in a heartbreaking manner.


That is the irony of life.

The way women abandon babies these days has called for a serious cause for concern.

The rate at which babies are being abandoned is becoming worrisome despite different sensitizations to nip the menace in the bud.

If you are not ready to have a baby yet, abstain from sex or whatever will lead you to having one. If abstinence is such an uphill task, use protection.

It is better to prevent it than bring innocent children forth to suffer or even snuff the life out of them after having them.

Give a thought about how the circumstances surrounding their birth will jeopardize the child’s future and think twice before giving the pleasure of sex if you are not ready to have children yet.

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