Why Nigeria Is The Best Country To Live In For “Some Of Us” By Bunmi Tella [READ]


By Bunmi Tella

Why Nigeria Is The Best Country To Live In For “Some Of Us” By Bunmi Tella. Photo Credit: Nigerian Net

“Nigeria is the best country to live, well, why not, if “some of us ” the citizens are educated illiterates and uninformed .****

In Akwa Ibom State, the law provides that ex governors and deputy governors receive pension equivalent to the salaries of the incumbent. The package also includes a new official car and a utility vehicle every four years; one personal aide; a cook, chauffeurs and security guards for the governor at a sum not exceeding N5 million per month and N2.5 million for his deputy governor.

In Rivers, the law provides 100 percent of annual basic salaries for the ex-governor and deputy, one residential house for the former governor “anywhere of his choice in Nigeria”; one residential house anywhere in Rivers for the deputy, three cars for the ex-governor every four years and two cars for the deputy every four years.


It is alledged that in Lagos, a former governor will get two houses, one in Lagos and another in Abuja, estimated at N500 million in Lagos and N700 million in Abuja. He also receives six new cars to be replaced every three years; a furniture allowance of 300 percent of annual salary to be paid every two years, and a N30 million pension yearly.

A senator pockets approximately 30 million naira monthly as salary and allowances. A working day earning of a senator is more than a yearly income of a doctor; it’s more than the salary of 42 Army generals or 48 professors or 70 commissioners of police or more than twice the pay of the US President or 9 times the salary of US congressmen.

There are currently about 21 senators who were former governors; they get their senate pay package as well as their state retirement package 😂😂😂😂– great country and great democracy.

Jay Eme Uka thanks for this. You cannot hope to discourage the wrong type of people getting into politics when it is this lucrative! Nigerian senators are the most molly cuddled professionals on earth!


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