Who Will Restructure Nigeria? [READ THIS]

Nigeria. (Photo Credit: Ventures Africa)
Nigeria. (Photo Credit: Ventures Africa)

Long before now, a lot of people have always craved for change as a panacea to the many challenges rocking the country, but sadly, only a very few persons are really up for the game when it comes to putting in efforts to derive the desired change.

Most people have been in positions where they could have done something differently to live the change they crave for, but often times choose to ply another route because they don’t want to take the extra step, yet they are always at the forefront of the change mantra.

The current administration led by President Muhammadu Buhari  prior to their victory at the 2015 presidential polls, promised to change the polity in Nigeria with their change mantra which a lot of Nigerians are still eagerly awaiting the manifestation.

Long before the election, a lot of people already know that Nigeria is a mess in virtually all areas and recent events have continued to prove such people right after all.


To say that the economy has deeply nosedived would be definitely stating the obvious and blame game is the least of what the country needs at the moment.

It is so sad that a lot of the Nigerian politicians who actually contributed in destroying the system are the ones at the forefront of the call to restructure it and this gets any sane person wondering who exactly the call for restructuring the country is directed to.

Many politicians have lent their voices at different points to call on the reorganization of the system with the sole aim of driving the change a lot of people have been looking out for.

Well, being a joint venture,  change cannot happen without the joint efforts of every well meaning individual in the country whether holding a political appointment or nay.

The quest to derive change will only be possible and a lot easier if people are willing to show their maximum cooperation.

The sad reality is that a lot of Nigerian politicians do not know that they contributed to making the country whatever it has become today and until they begin to realize that and show willingness to right the wrongs, the country may remain at a standstill.

In a bid to make the country better, the former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has called for a restructure in the nation’s political system which he described as a mockery of true federalism.

Atiku made his unwavering stance known while delivering the Annual Professor Ademola Popoola public lecture of the Faculty of Law at Obafemi Awolowo University, (OAU), Ile-Ife, Osun State, with the theme “the constitutional and political framework for reconstructing Nigeria for true federalism and national integration”.

He reiterated his resolve to be actively involved in the restructuring of the nation’s federal system and reinstated that the many problems that have bedeviled the nation can only be solved through true federalism.

But the major problem is how many people are willing to take an active part in the restructuring plan?

Will the move even garner the patriotism of some secessionists loyal to the Indigenous People of Biafra and the Oduduwa republic loyalists?

Funny enough, a lot of them may resolve to show a little support to the course because they possibly see it as a potent platform to make their long time dream of being separated from Nigeria come true.

The sad truth also is that a lot of Nigerians don’t feel loyal to the nation anymore because they feel that the country has been overwhelmed by challenges which will prove a hard nut to crack.

Perhaps a review of Atiku’s suggestion of merging some of the unviable states that cannot comfortably generate internal revenue with those that are more capable, may get things running better again.

Yet, none of these can be achieved by the government and officials alone if the citizens are adamant to the solution.

If Nigerians will learn to become the change they crave for rather than over depending on the government while doing nothing to achieve the course.

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