Will The ‘NO VOTER ID, NO SEX’ Idea Ever Work? [CLICK]

No sex
No sex

Sex is a serious business and no matter how people shy away from discussing it, the fact remains that the world revolves around sex.

Without mincing words, every normal human being should have the natural tendency of engaging in sexual activities at least once in a while.

Before the advent of artificial insemination, couples look forward to having sex, not just for the sake of engaging in the act per se, but to achieve something at the end of the process.

Of course the world would have been brought to a standstill without conception and childbirth which are only possible.


Sadly enough, just like every other thing, the concept of sex has long been abused across the globe and the whole essence seems to be on the verge of being defeated.

We wake up each day to one heartbreaking story of one sexual abuse or the other which sometimes gets us questioning the sanity of people.

Sex starvation being a form of sexual abuse has become one of the leading causes of problems in many marriages.

A Member of Parliament in Kenya’s opposition, Mishi Mboko has proposed the ‘No Voter ID, No Sex’ strategy which she thinks will push more men to register to vote ahead of the election slated to hold in August 2017.

The strategy encourages women to turn down sex moves from their partners if they haven’t registered to vote and demand to see a valid voter ID card before they accept to grant them the pleasure.

This was how she put it: “Women, if your husband has not been registered as a voter, you deny him a little and tell him to go get registered and then come back and enjoy the game.”

Her notion that sex is a powerful motivator may not be wrong after all because once the emotions begin to act up, too many men may lose control of their senses and are ready to do whatever it takes to finally gain access into the ‘honey pot’.

Sex starvation is a serious weapon which many people don’t cope well with and if women should take Mboko’s idea, more men may be forced to register and get their voter ID cards.

However, this may only work well if the men involved are not promiscuous in nature because it may end up more dramatic.

With imaginations running wild, ever wondered what will happen if Nigerian women decide to follow the advice?

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