WITS MEET TRICKS!! How Fayose’s Body Language Is Helping His Political Career [READ]


Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State is no stranger to news, not just because of his status in the society but his displays which always get as much attention as sought.

From riding on commercial motorcycles, to buying items from local market women, to roasting corns and drinking palm wine with residents at joints, the list is just endless.

What people fail to understand is that despite all his shenanigans, Fayose still has the heart of many Nigerians, although certain people may beg to defer.

Love him or loathe him, the simple truth is that Fayose’s gimmicks have earned him the endearment of a thousand and one persons, even though people are still interested in achievements instead of the endless dramas.


Most of those times when he makes those displays, people see him as humble even though he may be otherwise in the real sense.

From his displays, some people think that he is indirectly gaining the trust of people and letting them understand that nobody is more important than the other despite political appointments.

Apparently, politics in Nigeria is a game and only those who play their cards well succeed in it.

Interestingly, Fayose’s tricks are seriously working as it appears he is being loved by many in as much as he is being hated as well.

One cannot successfully argue the fact that Fayose has become a role model to many Nigerian youths who cannot hide their admiration for his unabated mien of always keeping it simple.

Some politicians secretly wish they would be as blunt in order to endear people to themselves, but they find it difficult to summon courage for the herculean task.

It is not unusual to bump into social media posts clamouring for Fayose’s candidacy in the 2019 presidential polls.

With the rate of support he has from the commoners, Fayose will undoubtedly win over and again if he contests for any political position because he is among the very few politicians who do not abandon the commoners after they must have voted him into office.

Therefore, people should learn to accept his body language for what it is for as long as he is still in the game of politics.

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